E3 Website Accidentally Releases Xbox One VR Information

E3 Website Accidentally Releases Xbox One VR Information

Microsoft and Xbox have had many rumors swirling about with regards to E3 this year. Is there going to be a new upgraded console? How about a slim console? Will it have interchangeable parts? What about new games? Well, now signs are pointing towards another new addition that is common these days: Virtual Reality.

If these reports are correct, (We only have to wait a few weeks until E3 for closure.) then Xbox One will be getting its own VR addition before too long! This actually makes sense since it would be the only powerhouse gaming unit (sorry Wii U) that won’t have VR. (PC has many, PlayStation VR) According to NeoGAF user 00ich, E3 posted three studios on its website, as well as another company, that are registered under the Xbox One virtual reality games category: Maximum Games, Readily information Co. Ltd., Rebellion, and 3DRudder. That’s great! But wait, there is a problem. Xbox One doesn’t have VR yet. Oops. Someone from Microsoft has to be really upset, and someone probably lost their job on the E3 front. That is a huge mistake.

On top of that announcement, it has been said by Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey that the power of the current console generation is “too limited” to support its ideal VR experience. Hmm. So even though it is limited, it is getting it. That must mean one thing, (Speculation hats on everyone.) That everything is true. Xbox One is getting a new edition. Xbox One is getting VR. Xbox One has a big Summer. Elvis never died. Wait, maybe not that last one, but that is still up in the air. If these reports are true, and honestly I can’t imagine E3 would mess up that badly, then that would mean that Xbox One users are looking towards a huge Summer, as well as a possible upgrade in the near future!

What do you all think? Is this outlandish to think? Would it be taboo to have a console upgrade in the middle of a generation, or towards the beginning as Xbox One and PS4 hinted towards in the beginning of this gen? Let us know. Until E3, we will all just be twiddling our thumbs, waiting for the day to arrive!

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