Escape From Tarkov Shows Off New Gameplay

Escape From Tarkov Shows Off New Gameplay

Fans of the story-driven, first-person action MMORPG/FPS – Escape from Tarkov, will get a fresh look at the game n a newly released gameplay trailer. The new video features over 14 minutes of in-game footage, following a soldier as he attempts to escape an abandoned (but not un-guarded) chemical factory, slipping past scavengers and searching the factory for anything to help him escape the city of Tarkov.

Just the sound of the trailer and game itself has me interested in playing, but ever since the announcement I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the game. Well enough of me typing away at this keyboard watch the trailer below and once you’re done sound off in the comment section below on what you thought of it. Will you be picking up the game once it’s released? I know I will be!

More info on Escape from Tarkov can be found at the game’s official page:

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