Final Fantasy XII HD Remake Confirmed

Final Fantasy XII HD Remake Confirmed

Square Enix have been cranking out amazing remakes of their biggest franchises for a long time now. Ceasing that trend just wouldn’t fit their style. With fans waiting for anything related to last year’s bombshell drop that was the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s not surprising that another classic PS2 game is hitting the PS4 with an updated look. Final Fantasy XII is being remade, expanding the playable Final Fantasy library on the PS4, and its being heralded with a fancy new subtitle, The Zodiac Age.

Those familiar with how the game is played as well as the International Version that was also on the PS2 may be wondering which system Square Enix is planning to utilize. As the press release states, The Zodiac Age will be using the International Version of the Zodiac Job System. Of course gamers can expect the game to look superb, but the soundtrack is also being rerecorded and can be swapped with the original score, similar to what was seen on the Final Fantasy X remake. Also, the game will run smoother with shorter loading screens and a turbo mode, which presumably will speed up the game for those familiar with it. Basically hold that turbo for Vaan’s first act until Ashe appears. Believe me.

The Zodiac Age will be seeing release sometime next year. This makes sense as all eyes are already on Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV, a game that’s ten years in the making. A lot is riding on this monster release for the company, so having a few remakes or smaller titles to fall back on as a contingency plan is a smart business move.

Personally, I’ve been seeing rumors on the XII remake for a while now on various Final Fantasy forums. Now that there’s a trailer, a lot of memories flood to me. I’m not as familiar with XII as I am IX, but most of the scenes shown in the trailer are nostalgic for me. Although, I do remember the later third of XII being one of the most challenging parts of any RPG I’ve ever played, prompting me to do the unthinkable and purchase a Game Shark. If I remember correctly, there’s a boss that’s a wraith of some sort that fully heals itself after teleporting, which he does more often than Nightcrawler if he were on drugs. It was not a fun experience.

Yet, I still find myself pumped for this remake. I also hope this one gets ported over to the Vita. I’m confident that Final Fantasy could sell that underrated handheld with enough care put into it. Either way, I feel like loading up my old save file to see how Balthier and the gang are doing. All while ignoring Vaan and Penelo.

What’s with the PS2 Final Fantasy games and their annoying main characters?

Look for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on PS4 sometime in 2017.



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