Is Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab Worth It?

Is Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab Worth It?

This year during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Phil Spencer announced that the Xbox and Windows community could customize their very own Xbox One controller to fit their unique style. Although you can start designing and purchasing your own customizable controller through the Xbox Design Lab, it will not ship until the beginning of September.

Xbox Design Lab announcement

Personalize your very own Xbox One wireless controller with over eight million possible color combinations. Design a Xbox  controller to suit your lifestyle and add a laser etching to let everyone know that it is your and share a piece of your soul for everyone to marvel at. Using Xbox’s Design Lab the shopper can customize the controllers body,  bumpers and triggers, d-pad, thumb sticks, button layout, and back plate. All optional changes are just visual changes that only affect the colors of the controller and not the actual feel. Currently, there is no word as to whether or not Xbox One Elite controllers will be customizable but it seems like only a matter of time. Designing your own Xbox One controller through the Design Lab is free however the cost of the customized controller is $79.99 USD, which is twenty dollars more than a regular controller.


On the internet, there are multiple businesses that allow shoppers to create and customize their own unique controllers. One example of such a business is Controller Chaos. Controller chaos makes customizable controllers for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, NES, Gamecube, and the Wii U. They allow you to customize the shell, the buttons, the d-pad, the thumb sticks, the battery pack, the LED, the triggers, and the bumpers; they also will install mods and chips into the controller all at an additional cost. They also have warranties in case anything breaks or goes wrong with the controller.  The cost of making a personalized controller through their services would cost more than buying two or even three controllers.

Controller Chaos Design

If purchasing a personalized controller from a business seems too expensive then there are easier ways for gamers to customize their Xbox One controllers.  On eBay, a shopper can buy Xbox One controller replacement parts for anywhere between $4.99 to $25.99 USD. These parts are generally for repair but a lot of people use them to customize their controllers to their personal standards.  If someone decides to do this then they must have the proper tools to take apart the Xbox One controller and put it together although the process is rather simple, especially after watching videos online on how to do it. The last option is probably the most tedious option with just doing it yourself. If this sounds like the best option for you then you can always paint the Xbox One controller and its parts how you would like by using paint tape and by having a steady hand. This third option may save you a bit of money but it takes the longest.

So if you do not feel like spending a lot of money for your very own customized controller and don’t feel like doing all the work to alter your Xbox One controller than Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab is the way to go; it will end up saving you time and money. Creating your own customized Xbox One controller will end up costing $79.99 USD and even if you order it now shipping does not begin until the beginning of early September for the orders placed before the end of August. If you want to see what you can possibly on the Xbox One controller then head on over to the Design Lab through the link here.  Below is the announcement trailer for the Xbox Design Lab as well as videos on how to customize your controller.

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