Kinetik: A Tactical RPG Shooter Hits Kickstarter

Kinetik: A Tactical RPG Shooter Hits Kickstarter

Multiplayer is an important aspect of game design. Since the days of the Egyptians playing Senet, people have been playing against each other and with each other. Kinetik is being marketed as a tactical RPG shooter from the talents of the folks that brought Everquest and H1Z1 to life. Hero Machine Studios is a new independent company built from these developers who are looking to bring their newest project to PC in 2017 with Xbox One and PS4 versions following initial release.

To get the game off its feet, a Kickstarter campaign has been launched, premiering the game for the first time. The Kickstarter is an effort to the make the game larger than it currently is and also give players the chance to pick it up as an Early Access title on Steam. This level of feedback and consumers voting with their wallets can help steer the game’s development. Check out the Kickstarter trailer below.

Kinetik seems to be an interesting concept, even if the footage is a little lacking. It reminds me a lot of Warframe, if there was less space ninja magic and more futuristic military weaponry. The game is being built on Unreal Engine 4, a phenomenal engine capable of creating some of the most brilliant graphics of this generation. Gameplay will be done in either first person or third person, with every map being designed around this feature. Zoom in for a closer look or keep a wider perspective, either way the game plans to keep the balance in check.

Players will be able to build a character in one of three classes: Recon, Assault, and Engineer. Drones will also be a heavy focus, similar to a pet in World of Warcraft that’s able to be customized as well. The leveling system will enable several builds to provide a lot of variety to a squad.

Hunters fight alongside pets in WoW. Soldiers in Kinetik get customizable drones.

Hunters fight alongside pets in WoW. Soldiers in Kinetik get customizable drones.

Combat will focus on squad tactics, even rewarding players for tactical play. It’s also important to note that with the use of Early Access, Hero Machine Studios wants to utilize as much player feedback as possible. The game could shape into an excellent multiplayer experience, similar to how Smite started out small and became one of the most played MOBAs on the PC.

There is a ton of potential with Kinetik. The RPG Shooter genre established by games like Destiny or The Division has a lot of room to grow beyond the repetitive nature they all turn into at various points. Within the next few years, a phenomenal RPG Shooter will be available to gamers.

Kinetik could be the title that the RPG Shooter genre needs.


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  • HeroMachine_Mbroome

    Thanks for the writeup Alex! Kevin and I are working very hard to give a blend of the genres that keeps gamers happy for years, RPG without exhausting grind, shooter mechanics based on our personal favorites like Bad Company 2 etc. We are trying to talk directly to gamers about what they think of the game, keep our development as transparent as possible b/c when you’re a small studio you have to do it that way to really make a great game.

    We’re uploading another gameplay clip from the latest build to the campaign today.

    -Mat Broome

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