Memorable Dads in Gaming

A Father in any other Game

Memorable Dads in Gaming

Father’s day really got me thinking about Dad in video games. A lot of games either have the dad completely absent with no mention or his role is simply one of existence. So I put together a list of memorable Video Game Dads and what made them so memorable. Covering everything from Nintendo to Zombie Hunting Cowboys, there are Dads of all sorts and sizes in video games. These eight Dads are not even close to the number of memorable Dads in video games but with my limited time, resources, and games I’ve actually played this list is what I’ve got!

So of course criticize how terrible my list is by adding all the Dads I missed in the comments! Don’t forget to at length describe why they should have been in my list, and how terrible I am for not including them!

Kids have fun! Parents, join them!

Unable to label, In a moment of particular brilliance realized that he could combine all of his major passions into one! Locking himself away in the den he went to work. Almost breaking under the pressure of self criticism he was finished… Thus Daddy Gamer was born!

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