Rumor: Could We Be Getting Two New Red Dead Titles?

Rumor: Could We Be Getting Two New Red Dead Titles?

One of Rockstar’s most beloved games last generation had to be Red Dead Redemption, followup to 2004’s Red Dead Revolver. Whether it was that ending, or the crazy Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare expansion pack, fans absolutely loved John Marston’s last hurrah. They love it so much, it is possible Rockstar could be bringing back before a sequel comes out. Speculation caps.

Today, a gamer on Reddit, Gaudynights, pointed out that Rockstar’s website now has two hidden game pages that are 404’d upon entrance. With these pages existing, all signs point that Rockstar have intentions to update these downed pages. Gaudynights has some pretty sound logic, to be honest. Take a look below:

“Games 11 and 112. Remember that RDR is game 1 and RDR:UN is game 111. So there are two game pages linked that follow the number format to mean they are associated with RDR. When you try to visit those pages they 404, like the error says, but the fact that the error exists means there is code on the games list set up to direct to them when they do exist. My guesses would be maybe the new RDR game and a remaster of RDR?”

If he is correct, then fans have a lot to look forwards to. Combine this with the common trend of “Remastering a game and then releasing it with or prior to the sequel,”(Gears of War, Call of Duty) and you get a Gunslinger’s wet dream fantasy. While we have to wait for an announcement, we can speculate. If the new title isn’t coming out until next year at the earliest, it would make sense to build the hype with not only the ability to play the title on current gen, but to play it with better looking graphics. Yeah, I am on board (well, on horse) with this idea. I am willing to put money down that we will see this two “broken pages” in a few weeks at E3!

What do you all think? Is it too little too late for the series? Or are you ready to put on your cowboy hats and take down some outlaws? Let us know!

Source: GameRant

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