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Scalebound Co-Op Gameplay Revealed

Scalebound Co-Op Gameplay Revealed

Scalebound is a game about battling massive monsters alongside an awesome dragon buddy made by Platinum Games. If you’re not already rushing to pre-order, go see a doctor, you may be dead. At Microsoft’s event, new gameplay footage showing off a massive boss fight was shown off, which included help from other players via Co-Op. Watch the battle below.

Microsoft also confirmed that Scalebound will support Play Anywhere for up to four players for cooperative play, meaning PC players can jump into Xbox One sessions and vice versa. Buying the game on one system, also unlocks it on any other device that supports Play Anywhere. Players will be able to customize the main hero Drew and the dragon Thuban, not only visually, but with gameplay elements as well. Scalebound launches sometime in 2017 as an Xbox and Windows 10 Exclusive title.


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