Two New Sun and Moon Pokemon Announced

Two New Sun and Moon Pokemon Announced

Earlier this week, two new Pokemon that will make the Sun and Moon roster were revealed to be Nekkoala and Iwanko. Note that these two names are the Japanese to English translations and may not reflect their localized names. Nekkoala is of course, the koala looking Pokemon. It is known as the Contagious Dream Pokemon and will be a Normal Type. It may even be able to learn the Dream Eater attack, which would be interesting.

I’ll also go ahead an assume that Nekkoala is the first of an evolution line. On the other hand, but no less adorable, Iwanko is called the Deep Eye Dog and will be a rock type. Once again, I believe this Pokemon will have an evolution. Both of these Pokemon are delightful designs that are already spawning fan art, as most Pokemon announcements do.


Nekkoala appears to be holding some sort of drum.

Coro Coro is a great magazine to keep an eye on for those who want a peek at the newest Pokemon early. Topping over 700 unique Pokemon, the franchise sure has come a long way and the core game is expected to just as well as its predecessors. I’ve been with Pokemon since the beginning and I’ve seen people of all walks of life find a connection in collecting these Pocket Monsters. More recognizable than even Mickey Mouse, Pikachu and pals have made a lasting impression on the gaming industry and culture at large. I imagine that any sort of world peace will come through everyone loving Pokemon.

Expect to see more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon during E3 at the Nintendo Treehouse Live Stream on Twitch. The stream will be on June 14th starting at noon on Nintendo’s Twitch channel. Be sure to turn on email notifications to know when they go live throughout next week for E3.

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