World of Final Fantasy Gets Release Date

World of Final Fantasy Gets Release Date

Announced a while back was an adorable RPG coming to the PS4 and Vita that didn’t steal the show at E3, but it did steal some hearts. World of Final Fantasy has the general look and styling of Kindom Hearts, while adding chibi versions of classic Final Fantasy staples. Cutesy versions of Ifrit, Cloud, and Lightning will be joining the two heroes on October 25th in North America, with a Japanese release on the 27th and a European one on the 28th.

A new trailer also launched with the release date, which can be viewed below.

The story seems incredibly similar to Kingdom Hearts, combining the many worlds across the Final Fantasy series as a whole. Some of the worlds players will be able to visit include Squall’s home of Balamb Garden or what appears to be Besaid Island, which is Titus and Yuna’s world. The battle system will be simple, yet complex enough for veterans. Look for more information to be available at E3.

Well well, I was just asking for a Final Fantasy game that could show off the Vita’s potential. Hopefully between this and Dragon Quest Builders the Vita will start getting a steady stream of content to really put it on the map, or at the least keep it going. Even though I’ll be picking up Final Fantasy XV a month before World of Final Fantasy, I find myself looking forward to the cute chibis running around and the more whimsical nature of this game. It’ll be a good palate cleanser after going through the hyper realism of Noct’s story.

More than anything though, I can’t wait to see more Vivi, the black mage of Final Fantasy IX.

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