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Xbox One Slim Image Leaked

Xbox One Slim Image Leaked

What a sleek looking system! While Microsoft will probably be making an official announcement about the Xbox One Slim during either E3 as a whole or during their press event, an image and some minor details have leaked ahead of time. Overall the design is rumored to be about 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. While the hard drive looks to be 2TB, the largest hard drive to date without an external upgrade.

Most importantly, the Xbox One Slim will support Ultra 4K display, creating the most visually stunning console games. Aside from that, a new streamlined controller will be packaged with the system, as well as a vertical stand. Unfortunately, there is no news as to how much the console will retail for, but a solid estimation would be close to $399.99 or not much higher than that.

Xbox One Slim details

Once again, this is a leak, so more information could be coming during Microsoft’s E3 presence. It’s also important to note that any of this information could be false, but that doesn’t seem likely.

The leak originated from a post on NeoGaf.

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