Claim Your Very Own Joy Ride Turbo Xbox Code!

Claim Your Very Own Joy Ride Turbo Xbox Code!

Who doesn’t enjoy a free game, right? Well how would you like a Xbox code for Joy Ride Turbo, which I hear is playable on the Xbox One as well all thanks to Backwards Compatibility! Well seems someone has figure out how to do so via a recent Wal-Mart promotion. How do you score a Xbox code? Well simply follow the steps below!

First you’ll need to go to the link, which is where the online promotion is happening and is provided below. After doing so follow the rest of the steps!

  • Joy Ride Turbo
  • After showing up at the site click ENTER CODES, which will grant a small pop-up.
  • Next enter the information as such Bag 1 – 373315XXX 12:18 Bag 2 – 373315XXX 09:39
  • Change the three Xs for each “bag” to any random number, fill out the rest of the information, and wait for your free game code.

That was very easy, right? We’ve heard reports if you live outside the US simply pick a zip code and you’ll be good to go. Want to give your friends a heads up about this? Be sure to click that share button bellow on your social media platform of choice so your friends know. Also, be warned it seems the URL for where you’ll be given your Xbox code is under heavy traffic so it may take a few refreshes to get your Xbox code to show up. Comment below if you were able to score your very own code!

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  • Jose Daniel Figueroa

    had to play with the random numbers a little, got an error message a few times. but kept changing those 3 random numbers and I got it to work in less than 2 minutes.

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