Get Ready To Catch Even More: New Pokemon Announced

Get Ready To Catch Even More: New Pokemon Announced

Take a seat Pokefans and rest those legs from your treks across the wilderness hunting for the wonderful creatures known as Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Earlier this week, we got a few new Pokemon announced for Pokemon Sun and Moon. While some are drawing criticism, some are smash hits. I personally like them all, but we will get to that criticism later.

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This is Wimpod, the Wimpy Pokemon. Its ability Wimp Out allows, I say this like it is a good strategic advantage, it to “wimp out” of a match and immediately flee or switch out when it has been hit below 50%. Maybe there is a strategy here that I just don’t understand yet, but it is what it is. The only thing I know for sure is that this Pokemon surely has seen a thing or two; just look at those eyes.

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This may just be the generation of Pokemon so cute, you just want to beat the Hell out of them. (Just me? Sorry.) Meet Bounsweet, the fruit Pokemon. Bounsweet knows the abilities Leaf Guard or Oblivious. It is unknown if Generation VII will behave as ones before, but these abilities would allow Bounsweet to ignore status ailments in the Sun, or allow it to ignore attract, respectively. Something I would like to point out is how horrifying part of its Pokedex entry is.

“Because it exudes a delicious smell from its entire body, Bounsweet is popular with Pokémon and people of the Alola region. Bounsweet’s scent has a calming effect on humans, so many people let them live inside their homes as a sort of air freshener. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes swallowed whole by Pokémon drawn to its aroma.”


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This thing. This cute, flower covered thing. It carries flowers with it, sticks them together, then gives them to those it is fond of. Nintendo and Gamefreak, stop making adorable ideas for Pokemon. This is the Posy Picker Pokemon, and its abilities are Flower Veil and Triage. Flower Veil was seen in Generation VI, and it allows Comfey’s ally Grass-type Pokemon to ignore the lowering of stats. What is more interesting than this though is Triage, new for Generation VII. Triage will allow HP restoring moves to be boosted to the highest priority, allowing the heal to be the first move used every time. This makes Comfey a game changer for team battles I feel. Nothing like having a fast healer.

2016-07-21 (5)

Calling it right now, this guy is going straight on my team. Mudsdale is a ground horse that has dreads. How can you not immediately fall in love. Mudsdale has an old and new ability, similar to the previous Pokemon revealed. The old side is Own Tempo, which won’t allow Mudsdale to be confused in battle. Honestly, look at that face and those eyes, 110% focus. The new is called Stamina, which will raise the defense level of Mudsdale by 1 each time it is attacked, making him stronger as his health goes down. Combine this with Comfey, oh baby.

2016-07-21 (6)

Here we are. My favorite. Everyone elses favorite. This is just a great idea and design, albeit sad. This is Mimikyu. Let’s start with the entry.

“It’s rumored that the reason it covers itself with a cloth is to avoid sunlight. The rising popularity of Pikachu-styled merchandise around 20 years ago is the reason that Mimikyu makes itself look like Pikachu. In fact, this Pokémon is dreadfully lonely, and it thought it would be able to make friends with humans if only it looked like Pikachu.”

Heart. Broken. Welp. Now where do we go? I guess ability? Who cares. Life is sad and meaningless.

Mimikyu has the new ability Disguise, which will allow it to take one hit with no damage, causing its disguise to fall. This could be extremely important in battles, giving you a free hit at the start of the match. Brilliantly sad idea guys! Good (?) job!

2016-07-21 (8)

Controversy time. I personally adore Bewear. It is unique, cute, and odd. That’s what I like in Pokemon. (see Dunsparce) However, people are thrown off by the black and pink cutoff, the name, etc. Here’s the thing. We literally had a flying magnet, snake, seahorse, pokeball, and inverted pokemon the first generation. There are always unique and simple ideas in these games. Plain and simple. This is a simple idea, but a different idea for the game. A cute fighting bear. Don’t like it? Don’t use. DONE. Situation resolved!

Digress, Doug. Digress. The abilities for Bewear are Fluffy and Klutz, new and old. On the old side, Klutz disables Bewear from using any held items. Which sounds like a disadvantage to me, honestly. With fluffy though, we get some new territory. Physical moves will only do half damage to Bewear. However, because of the fluffiness, fire does double damage. It is a very intriguing combination that I have to play around with this November.

So what do you all think? Are you excited about this new cuties? Or are you ready for Pokemon to just go away already? If it is the later, I will politely ask you to leave at this moment. Kidding. Or am I. More information will be coming out next month, so stay tuned for our Pokemon Sun and Moon coverage!



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