John Hanke CEO of Niantics Twitter Hacked

John Hanke CEO of Niantics Twitter Hacked

Since the release of Pokemon GO, the game has had a large variety of issues. Last week, a group of hackers disrupted the Pokemon GO servers making the game difficult to play for trainers all around the world. Today, yet another hacking has happened but this time, it is to the CEO of Niantics Twitter. 

John Hanke, the CEO of Niantics, is yet the latest victim of cyber terrorism. On John Hanke’s Twitter, the hacker is posting a link to in all of the handles posts during the last three hours. Be cautious on clicking any of the posts with that URL because it could lead to your account being hacked or your personal data being stolen.

The group identifies themselves as the OurMine Team in which they state they are just testing John Hanke’s security. They go on to say that you can upgrade your security by going to quora . com but this is more than likely a trap. The Our Mine group goes on to say that they hacked John Hanke’s twitter for Brazil using the hashtag #PokemonGo4Brazil! The group later states that the CEO’s password was easy to discover because of its simplicity; the supposed password used was nopass. The Our Mine group is correct by stating that the password “nopass” was rather simplistic, but that does not give the right to invade another person’s privacy and potentially harm his followers.

You can see the tweets via “” if they haven’t been deleted or the picture below.

John Hanke CEO of Niantics Twitter

The Pokemon GO community is already upset at Niantic Games after the removal of the footsteps system in Pokemon Go and Niantic Games blocking the API coding for popular websites like PokeVision and PokeRadar. Niantic Games has also issued cease and desist letters to a variety of companies that showed the location of different Pokemon. Will this blocking of API and cease and desists be the downfall of the game? Your guess is as good as ours, but just looking at Twitter, Facebook and Reddit shows that the new update and what they’ve done today isn’t going over well with the internet, including some of our staff.

Niantic Cease and Desist Letters

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