Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Delayed

Pokemon Go Plus Accessory Delayed

While the device was set to release at the end of July, the Pokemon Go Plus accessory will now be shooting for September. As unfortunate as this is for wannabe Pokemon Masters, this move is likely an attempt to meet demand and ensure the product holds up to Nintendo’s standards. Nintendo themselves broke the unfortunate news this morning on their Twitter account.

For those in the dark, the Pokemon Go Plus accessory had quite a few useful features crammed into the thing for $34.99. Using a supposed “low energy” Bluetooth connection, the Go Plus accessory alerts the wearer to events happening in Pokemon Go such as a Pokemon or a Pokestop being nearby. By clicking the button on the device, players will be able to collect items at Pokestops and catch Pokemon that they have caught before.

In theory, the device is perfect for players on the move and may help alleviate the hive-mind mentality groups of players seem to adopt while they constantly stare at their phones.

Flamingoes Pokemon Go lol

Judging merely on speculation, there is a chance that this device will be a more accurate way to accumulate steps in order to hatch eggs and earn achievements. Nintendo’s Pokewalker, which was packaged with copies of Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold, ended up being one of the most accurate pedometers of all time. Not only that, but Wii Fit U also had a device that measured steps in a similar fashion. It would make sense that the technology Nintendo has been improving on would be utilized in a device meant to supplement one of the most downloaded apps of all time.

Being as popular as Pokemon Go is, and the franchise as a whole, its not surprising that the delay occurred. The September release date does line up with rumors of Nintendo’s next Direct stream that have been circulating since Eurogamer started up the rumor-mills anew with their story on the NX.

Remember when everyone thought this was the NX? It could look like an avocado for all we know at this point. . .

Remember when everyone thought this was the NX? It could look like an avocado for all we know at this point. . .

Unfortunately all we can do is wait, which is hard to do when there is so many great games on the horizon, not only for Nintendo, but for Sony and Microsoft as well. All I can say, is it’s better to jump on those pre-orders quick, as much as I hate the idea behind it. Seems to be the only way to get the games and systems the day they come out.

Luckily, when the Pokemon Go Plus accessory does launch, there will be one waiting for me at my local game store.

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