PokeRadar Developed to Help Find Pokemon

PokeRadar Developed to Help Find Pokemon

Over the last two weeks, the world has been enamored with Pokemon Go with trainers young and old going out and about to search for their favorite Pokemon. With the launch of any game comes a variety glitches but one glitch has made Pokemon Go rather difficult; the glitch that is being referred to is the Pokemon detection system. Because of the glitch, the Pokemon Go community has banded together to create a Pokemon Radar to help trainers find the Pokemon in their area.

Sometime during the last week, a bug occurred in Pokemon Go that made the Pokemon detection system inefficient at times, if not completely useless.  The in-game bug would cause some Pokemon to show up on the players list after disappearing from the list just moments before. The bug would also show Pokemon far away even when they were right next to the player.

Because of this bug to the Pokemon detection system and to help players find out what Pokemon is in a variety of areas, two trainers and software developers named Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona have teamed up to aid the Pokemon community.  The app called PokeRadar lets you search for Pokémon anywhere in the world; the app also lets the player search through a filter so trainers can see where a certain type of Pokémon can be found. 

The map is powered by the Pokémon Go community, which leaves it open to trolls who may drop rare Pokémon sightings all over the map. In order to avoid fraudulent sightings, there are a few options that trainers can utilize to catch the much-desired Pokemon in order to complete the Kanto Pokedex. When you click on a pokémon’s icon, you can see who posted the tip and how many other trainers found that tip to be helpful. If you see that the same person has been posting hard-to-believe tips with low ratings, then you can assume that they are fraudulent and not  waste your time looking for that Pokemon. The sightings will also display when a Pokémon was caught so trainers can know what the best time of day is to  search for that desired Pokemon.

The PokeRadar app is currently only available on iOS or can be used on computers. Running both the PokeRadar app and Pokemon Go will drain your batteries. An android version is currently in development from Product Hunt, so be careful when trying to download the app from any other source. We’ll update this page with the Android URL once it goes live again since it was taken down.

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