PokeVision Provides Pokemon Locations in Real Time for Pokemon GO Trainers

PokeVision Provides Pokemon Locations in Real Time for Pokemon GO Trainers

Man, Pokemon Go sure is popular. In fact, I lose contact to many of friends at random, only to find them wandering the streets in search of Dragonite or Charizard. I’ll admit I’ve ignored house work to galumph through the streets to stock up on items and challenge gyms. The game is a phenomenon that has consumed not only the world, but my community as well. It’s gotten to the point that local television stations are taking their own, often comical point of view on the popular game. Of course with such popularity comes necessity, as the need to catch them all is more fierce now than it has ever been. That’s where PokeVision comes in, another tool that helps trainers seek out Pokemon.

PokeVision uses the API of Pokemon Go to find where Pokemon are spawning in real time. These Pokemon sprites also include a countdown timer that shows how long they’ll be in the area. The site does claim that there is a bit of a lag from scanning an area to seeing what’s available, this is because the program pings like a player would and over doing it would cause more server issues than Ninantic is already having. PokeVision is also a quick way to see if the servers are having troubles at all, even though most of your friends on social media have already made a few posts about it.

Every time the servers are down. . .

Every time the servers are down. . .

Now, PokeVision doesn’t account for Pokemon spawned through lures or incense, but merely helps locate things that are location based. This can be handy until the footprint locating tool is fixed, as we’ve found through our expeditions that the one in the game is buggered. PokeVision could be the solution we’ve been looking for, but at the least its another tool at trainers’ disposal to catch them all.

Check out the PokeVision website here!

To test out the validity of PokeVision, we shared the site with our local Pokemon Go club and found out that a few trainers found the app to be incredibly accurate. Curious, our Senior Editor Andrew Peggs, set out in his neighborhood while I provided some navigation on the phone. We found that a Clefairy had spawned just a few blocks away. It didn’t take long for Andrew to find the exact spot, load up the app, and learn our findings.

Clefairy Pokemon Go

Bingo! PokeVision found us a Clefairy down to the orientation on the street. Pretty handy when looking for a specific Pokemon and not wanting to do the actual exploring. It takes a bit of mystique out hunting, so beware of spoiling the game so to speak, but it is a handy tool.

PokeVision is Marooners’ Rock approved and we look forward to what sort of improvements the team could make to the program, as well as how Niantic will be changing the game itself.

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