The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser Trailer Released

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Teaser Trailer Released

Last Friday, we had The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer dropped on us as hard as Lucille was onto one of our dear cast member’s head. (Sorry, too soon?) I have read all of the comics, and must watch each episode as it airs. You can say I am sort of obsessed. So I thought it would be enjoyable to analyze the trailer, throw out some theories and see what you all think will happen. If you are a fan of the Walking Dead and do not enjoy comic spoilers, I would suggest you turning away right about… now. This post may have a few. Let’s take a look at the new trailer and how it stacks up to the comics.

After the cliffhanger of last season left many upset, of course the trailer was going to be even more of a cock tease. Naturally, Robert Kirkman had to start by ripping our hearts out with a walk down memory lane with all of the characters, including the one that will be ripped away from us in the beginning moments of Season 7. Now, I have heard many theories about how they gave away who was killed, but I’m not so sure it was a giveaway. I am meaning Glenn’s voice was the only Alexandrian whose voice was echoed. Which knowing how “artsy” the directors can be, it could be a stylistic choice since it was just a yell or it could very well be a hint.

From the get go of the new footage, we get a few new looks at new places. While Morgan and Carol are being escorted to The Kingdom, we also get a first look at The Sanctuary, home of the main group of The Saviors, Negan’s group. Personally, they captured the essence of The Sanctuary, which meant to look as cold and hard as Negan’s heart. While we may not see a ton of this location yet, we will come All Out War.

Our first look at The Kingdom

Our first look at The Kingdom


Feeding time outside of The Sanctuary. Negan uses chained zombies to keep infiltrators away

We are also given a scene where a silhouetted person is ran off the road by The Saviors. The silhouette appears to be Eugene, meaning he makes it out of the grove with Negan. Personally, I never considered him to be at risk, but some did because of his “final goodbyes.” Also worth noting: there is a scene where Carol is sitting in a theatre and she sounds absolutely delusional. Possibly a dream, or possibly she has snapped even more. We will see.

Now for the biggest reveal and tease: King Ezekiel of The Kingdom. Ever since I was introduced to them in Issue 108, I have been in love. There is something silly, and ridiculous but believable of The Kingdom; That in the apocalypse, of course you are going to have people who live out fantasies, like having their own kingdom to rule over. I must say, Khary Payton makes a wonderful Ezekiel, even if I am slightly disappointed they didn’t get Morgan Freeman from Ben-Hur. Show runners have said since the reveal that they wanted a younger, cooler Ezekiel to be portrayed in the show, as opposed to the almost indominable force that is in the comics. As most know, Ezekiel’s previous job was as a zookeeper. Being a zookeeper, there are many animals who cared for, including one large striped one.


One of our first looks at Ezekiel in the comics, on the cover of Issue 108


Morgan Freeman in Ben-Hur. How perfect of an older Ezekiel would he have been?

lvdead26f (1)

Our younger, cooler, more hip Ezekiel

Sound the alarms, grab all of the confetti, and blow the airhorns. One of the coolest new additions to The Walking Dead is here. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Shiva. She is a tiger that was born in the zoo Ezekiel worked at, and was raised by him. Prior to the apocalypse, Shiva had injured her leg. Ezekiel ran in to help treat her, and she repaid him by swiping his stomach, leaving a decent gash. He fought through it to treat her, and didn’t report. The two of them bonded, even into the apocalypse and ruled over The Kingdom.


Interestly, the introduction of Ezekiel will cause a little controversy for the show, simply because in the comics, Ezekiel and Michonne got together, and eventually their bond together ended up driving her away for years. (See Telltale The Walking Dead: Michonne) Show-goers can see the problem here. How can this happen if we continue to have Richonne, which works in the show due to the lack of Andrea. Hopefully we will get some odd love triangle type of deal, to add to the drama and make Rick even more crazy. #TeamCrazyRick

Now we just have to wait until October 23rd to see who caught a Lucielle. We know of a few people who are safe, but still up in the air are definitely Glenn, Abraham and Daryl. Will the showrunners follow in the comic’s footsteps and kill our favorite good and pure group member? Will they spark controversy? We will just have to wait and see. Who do you think we will be saying goodbye to in a few months? Let us know down below!

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