3.5 Million Xbox One Prominence Poker Chip Giveaway

3.5 Million Xbox One Prominence Poker Chip Giveaway

Yes, you just clicked a link in which we’re giving away in total 3,500,000 worth of poker chips out to those who play┬áProminence Poker on Xbox One. If you stick with us you’ll find out in the future if we’ll be doing other formats, but for now we’re here to grant a total of 10 people 350,000 chips for in-game. Let’s get started shall we?

As with many of our giveaways a good chunk of you know our rules and what to do. While this is great, we’re really pushing to give you all amazing things such as this giveaway. If you’re new to the site it’s going to be quite simple in terms of entering our giveaway. What do you need to do? Just follow the steps in the widget below and we’ve added a few extra entries as well as some entries you can repeat daily. Pretty cool, right? Now we know some of you are huge poker fans and the team at Pipeworks has finally released Prominence Poker to Xbox One. Yes, the game is free and you can earn chips the harder way by playing the game or you can get a boost of chips with this giveaway. As stated we’re giving 10 of you some chips, since let’s face it some of us may lose a lot of chips when we play poker.

Also, MANY of you are leaving your comment within the widget. There is a comment section below to provide your comment, while in the widget you provide the username you used for said comment. If you come back and see this and don’t see your comment below, leave one per the question in the widget and if you could include your Twitter handle so I can make a note on my end to count the entry.

3.5 Million Prominence Poker Chip Xbox One Giveaway

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  • First pay off all debts, then buy a house and a car. After that I should still have at least $2.5 million to invest, save… who am I kidding – BUY ALL THE GADGETS!

  • FenDozer

    Pay off my mortgage & all other loans. Then I would spend the rest on Prominence Poker chips ­čÖé

  • Axel Gomez

    First of all, I’ll give money to my parents, they deserve that a lot more, then my debts. After that I’ll probably do a road trip to all the U.S.

  • I’d hook up my family with new houses, move away, and not worry about anything for many years while I slowly burn through all of the money. Once I hit a certain amount, I’d set it away for retirement and then get back to work.

  • edc

    pay off all debts, then buy new big house cause id be a baller

  • Chante

    pay off the house

  • eddievblake

    pay all my dang bills. then buy more crap

  • gavinjakes

    some to charity some to debt… live the life

  • jimmynchase

    give some to family. then quit job and hope investing pays bills

  • mattktodds

    pay some debt. travel world

  • ozzie

    give some to a cause. then have some fun traveling

  • tomjaydean

    buy a new home for all family

  • Xavier

    start with some new cars cause its needed

  • Garr13

    Pay off debts, buy a new house on a huge property & then use the rest to have a non profit animal rescue/shelter at my new place.

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    Invest, buy a nice car, and travel.

  • Austin B

    I would donate it to multiple charitys including ones that support cancer aids and poverty among the first then I would go to a soup house and buy everyone new clothes for this winter coming up along with enough food to last them til spring I see too many homeless people in the winter it’s horrible

  • SCOTTLE513

    Twitter: SCOTTLE. I’ll give most the momey to my parents for just helping and guiding me through life 10% to charity since I love to help people.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I’d buy a mansion in LA because I’ve always wanted to live there, a 2010 RX8 because that’s my favorite car, and just bank the rest!

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