Allison Road Back in Production

Allison Road Back in Production

Back in June 2016, the developers of the Kickstarted horror game Allison Road announced the cancellation of the project. Fans everywhere shed tears as Allison Road picked up the hole of want left by P.T., which was going to be Silent Hills. However, Christian Kesler has decided to go forward with working on the game by himself after losing the support of Team17, the company that picked him up during the Kickstarter campaign. Kesler has even changed the name of his creative studio from Lilith Ltd. to Far From Home, adding his wife as a business partner.

Not only was Kesler open for an article on IGN, but he also made a heartfelt post on the Allison Road Facebook page. You can read that post in its entirety here, but to sum it up, the fan support seems to be what kept the project alive. It’s clear that the constant love from fans is what enabled Kesler to get back into the game and create it in a way that could end being more than anything he could ever hope for it to be. Obviously, we’ll be hearing more from Allison Road in the future. Kesler also promised to be more active on social media with updates and answering comments.

P.T. definitely made an impact with its realistic graphics, cryptic setting, and simple gameplay. The effects of that single demo will continue to inspire creators for years to come, as even Triple A developers like Capcom are making their own interpretation on the genre with their flagship Resident Evil franchise. It will be interesting to see how Allison Road’s final version plays out as it seems to use the P.T. formula in the best ways. Graphically, it definitely makes me rub my eyes, as it looks way too realistic.

As the horror fan that I am, I’ll be keeping a close watch on Allison Road. Just know that I am a weenie with these games, so I may not be able to get to the end when it comes out.

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