Armello Coming to Xbox One with DLC in Tow

Armello Coming to Xbox One with DLC in Tow

Armello is a strategy game that combines the tabletop RPG with a classic board game all while having an insanely cool cinematic and visual flair.  Originating as a mobile game, this strategy hopeful has already been on the PS4 and Steam, but Xbox players will no longer miss out out the animal on animal violence. On August 30th, the game hits Xbox One while also adding new downloadable content. Four new playable characters will be added as well as tons of new equipment to try out. Check out the epic launch trailer for the DLC below!

Armello is the debut project for League of Geeks and will be available on the Xbox Marketplace for just $19.99, while the DLC pack will be available for $9.99 across PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Characters included in the pack will expand the roster to 12, adding a character to each of the four clans. The new characters and their nuances are as follows:

  • Magna, the Unbroken: A tank-like Wolf Clan member with the Hero Power, “Shield Maiden,” which allows her to reflect attacks. Magna’s high Body and Fight stats in combination with Shield Maiden is ideally suited for players who focus on combat.
  • Elyssia, Wardress of Warrens: A hero of the Rabbit Clan who can permanently fortify settlements with her “Architect” ability, granting Elyssia greater control of the daily gold reward for holding settlements. While not the strongest in straightforward fights, her high Wits stat and ability to monopolize Armello‘s economy make her very dangerous.
  • Ghor, The Wyldkin: A Bear Clan hero whose magic draws strength from forests. His Hero Power, “Conduit,” allows him to cast spells for one less magic per adjacent forest, and enables him to cast to any woodland tiles on the board. This powerful ability, is ideal for stealthy spell play.
  • Sargon, The Death Teller: The latest addition to the Rat Clan has evenly balanced stats, but his Hero Power, “Veil Gazer,” makes him a very appealing choice to cerebral players. Sargon has the ability to see cards before they’re drawn, giving him a strategic advantage over every other character.

Any Armello players out there excited for the new DLC? We would love to hear your thoughts! Personally, I’ll have to check it out as looks to combine all the goods of Civilization, but with cooler visuals. One to definitely keep an eye on. This year at PAX East 2016, our editor Andrew got a chance to play the game. Read his thoughts on it here.

Most people bleed red. Alex bleeds pixels. Hailing from the deep mountains of WV, land of beautiful landscapes and internet scarceness, Alex can be found writing about games in every sense. Retro games are his life, spending more time with his GBA than his PS4. Drop by one of the social doodads for deep discussions about gaming!

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