Black Ops 3 Revelations DLC Info Supposedly Leaked

Black Ops 3 Revelations DLC Info Supposedly Leaked

Earlier this week, Activision announced that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare would feature a zombies game mode; details regarding Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s zombies mode are supposed to be revealed on August 16th when the Call of Duty: Infinite warfare package is allowed to be open. Although we know that there will be a zombies mode in Infinite Warfare, Zombies players around the world are still waiting for information regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Revelations DLC information.

Although no official information has been released on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Revelations DLC, a post appeared on the Se7enSins forums yesterday from a user called San Holo supposedly leaking information regarding B03 DLC 4. The post was removed within an hour of its posting but users were able to grab a screenshot of the post. Here is what the post said and apologize for the users poor writing.

“I am a game test and I was able to test DLC 4 Zombies for Call of Duty Black Ops 3. The new map ‘Das Haus’ starts outside of the house. I am not going to give any of the storyline information as I do not want to spoil anything for the fans in this finale. But this map does have very much of an Origins feel. Spawn is outside of the house and the origins crew sets out to defend the house as well as end the madness. The theme of the map is a Huge battle. On the outside of the map you can see meatballs and margwas fighting keepers. Also there are dragons and Giant robots. This map is a blend of most of the maps from the series. There are several different wonder weapons from past maps that are available. There is a mystery box that is just for wonder weapons. it costs 10,000 points and you either get a wonder weapon or the box will give you a M1911. Oh yeah, the M1911 returns as one of the starting pistols. there is a new perk in the map but just wait and see it will be worth it. All perks return even tombstone and PHD flopper. Each different character has their own different specialist weapon. Takeo’s specialist weapon is his katana. The staffs return bigger and better than ever with brand new elemental upgrades and some new features packed into the ancient weapon. There is no new zombies boss, but the blending universes cause multiple bosses to be in the map. Some bosses Do Not like each other. The Panzer soildier could spawn in and be running after you, then a margwa or a russian mangler could come in and the two bosses will run towards each other and then they will try to kill each other. If you can kill one of them without damaging the other, the surviving boss will now be on your side, sort of like the civil protector from Shadows of Evil. Getting to PAP and turning on power are not a chose and it is a blessing. The PAP is in a very familiar bunker. NACHT. The tank returns and has mounted MG42s on it to fend off the zombie horde. Multiple characters from the past maps will have cameos. Revelations is the best map of all time. It is clear-cut the best map in BO3, and it is better than any other map. It is the complete blend of all the maps and has its own new twist. But…. that is not all I tested. Revelations is not the name of the map obviously Is is the name of the zombies map pack. It features remasters of all WAW and BO1 maps. These are not just basic remasters. They are the queality of the remaster as The Giant was to Der Riese. The remastered maps will give some information in the storyline in the upcoming 2018 Cod Treyarch title. Btw Alchemical Antithesis on Kino Der Toten is so OP!I guess on any map really. I have put about 20 to 25 hours of testing in each remastered map as well as 75 hours into ‘Das Haus’. The community be ready for this one! One last thing…. What would be a good replacement for a shield…. some shining knight armor!!”

Revelations Supposed Leak

Some of this information seems reasonable such as an all wonder weapons box in one map, upgraded staffs, knight armor, and specialist weapons. In Black Ops 1 the Rezzurection DLC included the original World at War zombies maps plus Moon; however, it does not seem reasonable that Treyarch would give away 8 to 10 zombies maps in one DLC. Supposedly, the man who leaked the information has been fired from Treyarch.

During the last week, a reddit user called spencecool released information that he obtained from a memory dump that stated that margwas, child versions of the original 4 characters, and the gate worms will all be part of DLC 4. Can check out the Reddit post here.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Blundell said, “At the end of Black Ops 2, I think I enraged the community some when I put in this video that showed Samantha in a house with a boy called Edward. They were playing with zombie toys. Then an alarm goes off and you hear Max’s voice calling them down to the basement. The characters say, ‘I wish our heroes in our stories were real.’ Then we dropped to black. That was the end of Black Ops 2. People lost their shit.”

Blundell went on to say, “I’ve still technically to this day not answered that question of what that was and why that was there. That will be answered by the end of DLC 4. I believe that the ending of DLC 4 will spark emotion in the players, which is my goal. It’s not out of the desire for trolling, as people say. No, what I want to do is have you have complex and differing thoughts on what you’ve experienced and what your view is. I hope that’s what we generate when we come to the end of DLC 4.”

At the moment there are five features that the zombies’ community suspects will play a role in DLC 4 Revelations.

At some point during the Revelations Zombies Map easter egg, the blood vials from previous zombies maps and characters will be used. At the end of the Zetsubo no Shima Easter Egg, the original four characters have blood vials on them after teleporting elsewhere briefly. Players will meet Dr. Maxis. This is confirmed by spoiler: at the end of the Groud Krovi easter egg, Richtofen says, ” the souls have been collected Maxis. The last time Maxis was last seen during the end cut scene of the origins maps. Dr. Monty will be in DLC; with the release of the third map came the return of DR. Monty’s voice. Cyphers will return in DLC 4; Jason Blundell stated that he believes that the community will be able to solve a single cypher.

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