Far Cry 4 & Far Cry Primal Physical Bundle Coming?

Far Cry 4 & Far Cry Primal Physical Bundle Coming?

While it’s quite normal for companies to create bundles of past games, it wouldn’t shock me with this latest rumor. As many of you know lifelower on Twitter is well-known for finding rating board leaks, games showing up early when they haven’t been announced and more. Well seems another possible slip up may have happened via MicroMania’s website and lifelower giving the heads up on the possible bundle coming our way. Please take note now that we do know of the digital bundle that you can find on your Xbox One and PS4.

What bundle you ask? Far Cry 4 & Far Cry Primal Bundle, which with PAX West happening in the coming days there is a chance they could announce a physical bundle may all just be an accident on Micro’s part. You can see lifelower’s tweet below. What do you think of this rumor? Do you think a physical bundle is coming our way? We’ll soon find out hopefully!

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