Happy Dungeons Founders Pack Xbox One Code Giveaway

Happy Dungeons Founders Pack Xbox One Code Giveaway

If you happen to be like me you greatly enjoy the team from ToyLogic and their creation called Happy Wars. I’ve lost count on how many hours I’ve put into the game. If some of you remember it was announced that the next game from them was titled Happy Dungeons and since that time I’ve been on the look out for details. That was until the surprised everyone with the release this month and since that time I’ve been playing like a mad man.

You can find Happy Dungeons via the Game Preview on Xbox One and you can read news about it here. Now you’ve at least read this far, right? Well we’re here to grant an awesome prize or two for those who happen to play. Yes, the game is free to play, but why turn down free in-game items? Two lucky people will be walking off with the founders pack in-game. If you’ve yet to buy anything in-game you’ll want this bundle and even if you’ve yet to do so, you’ll be glad you entered for your chance at a code. What do you have to do for your chance to win? Simply use the widget below, which will track your entries. Entries range from following Twitter accounts, tweeting (you can do this daily), leaving a comment to the question listed in the widget, and some extra entries as well. Good luck everyone and if you need someone to play with be sure to tweet @Marooners_Rock and one of our staff who’s become addicted to the game may just jump on.

Happy Dungeons Founders Pack Xbox One Code Giveaway

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  • FenDozer

    If I were a knight I would have a sword that can go through walls. Then I would stab through walls and never get hurt myself…

  • Darklurkr23

    Turn shit into gold duh

  • Ricardo Souza

    a strong badass knight bald and with a very long beard that mount a bear and attack with only with slaps, but his slap stuns everything and everyone permanently

  • Adric Morrison

    If I were a mage I would gave the power to sway minds. Kings & Queens would see me as their closest ally while my enemies would become my mindless thralls.

  • Chris Jacobs


  • If I were a knight, I would like to be impervious so that I would never get wounded…I would never lose an arm or two…or a my legs…not like last time…

  • Virtuous Lumox

    If I were a Knight I’d want weightless armor and a weightless sword. Armor is very heavy and swinging a sword is tiresome.

  • Sarah Grace

    The ability to change into any person or thing, morphing, would be sweet. So many diff things you could do with that. First plan of action is to get rich with my powers. =)

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