League of Legends Yorick The Sheperd of Souls Update Looks Like War from Darksiders

League of Legends Yorick The Sheperd of Souls Update Looks Like War from Darksiders

Rockers, one of League of Legends oldest and scariest champions has finally received a much-needed rework. Yorick the Grave Digger has now turned into something even more frighting, Yorick the Shepherd of Souls and he has a very apocolyptic feel.

Of all League of Legends Champions, Yorick and Taric were the most in need of an update due to the way the game has changed over the last six years. In April 2016, an update for Taric was released that made him into a viable option for many players compared to old Taric that only a few players could play. Yorick the Shepherd of Lost Souls visually represents the four horseman of the apocalypse and seems to pay homage  to Darksiders War in appearance. Before Yorick the Shepherd of Souls reworks all of Yorick’s abilities were named after the four horseman of the apocalypse.

Yorick and War Comparison

Below is the champion announcement from Riot Games for the League of Legends champion Yorick.

“Yorick has always been a practical man. He knew he’d need strength to destroy the Black Mist that corrupted the Blessed Isles, even if it meant fighting evil with evil. So he harnessed a whole world of evil in the cape that now clings to his shoulders; in the unknowable depths of the cloak swirls the essence of a thousand damned souls. When the Shepherd summons forth a being from that seething miasma of lost spirits, only he hears the wretched assembly’s great wailing and gnashing of teeth—this is his burden, and the source of his power. In his quest to free these souls, he’ll use them (and they’ll use him) to crush anything in their way.

Yorick can have up to four Mist Walkers in his service at once. Mist Walkers instantly die if they move too far from either Yorick or the Maiden of the Mist. A grave is occasionally created when enemy minions or neutral monsters die near Yorick, and all enemy champions that die near him leave a grave.

Yorick’s next basic attack deals bonus damage and restores some health. If Last Rites kills a target, it creates a grave. If there are at least three graves nearby and Last Rites is on cooldown, Yorick can instead cast Awakening to raise Mist Walkers from the graves.

Yorick summons a destructible wall of corpses that encircles a target area for a few seconds.

Yorick hurls a globule of Mist that deals magic damage, applies a slow, and marks a target. Yorick and Mist Walkers get a movement bonus when heading toward marked targets.

Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist (at higher ranks, she’ll bring some Mist Walkers with her). The Maiden moves and attacks on her own. When Yorick attacks the Maiden’s target, he’ll deal bonus magic damage based on the enemy’s maximum health.YORICK THE SHEPHERD OF SOULS

Yorick The Shepherd of Souls looks like he may be able to take on each member of the apocalypse riders while sending undead minions to fight against his enemies and leading the souls of his enemies to hell.  Maybe Riot Games knows more about a possible Darksiders Sequel than the rest of the world and this is just a hint that DarkSiders 3 will be coming out in the future. Yeah, that is very unlikely but one can dream. Check out the Link below to see Riot Games tips to play Yorick The Sheperd of Souls. Also below is a comparison of Yorick’s new abilities and his old ones.


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