Select Pokemon GO Users Testing New Tracking Features

Select Pokemon GO Users Testing New Tracking Features

If this is what Niantic has been working on, I will take back every bad thing I have said about them.  Well maybe not everything, but most everything.  While still little information has been given the screen shots speak for everyone. It seems that a handful of users are testing even more features coming to Pokemon GO in the near future. Could this be the fix for those of us trying to find Pokemon without PokeVision since it’s no more?

This looks to be an amazing feature that will blow the footstep tracker out of the water although it may create some issues with more rural players.  From what has been written, it looks like perhaps the Pokémon now spawn at specific Pokéstops once you track them down. Go ahead and glance at the screen shots from the new look hopefully coming our way soon. Thanks goes to user Toki767!

Pokemon GO 2

When you press a Pokemon and click view, it zooms out and takes you to this overview map now. The Pokemon is in the pink circle I’m guessing?

Pokemon Go 3

Pressing on a Pokemon under “Sightings” gives a generic message now. Wonder if they’ll provide some sort of tracking for that.

Pokemon GO 4

Selecting the Pokemon to track will also put an actual marker on your live map.

Pokemon GO 5

If a Pokemon you’re tracking despawns, you get this message.

Pokemon Go 1

Nearby section just changed. It will show the closest Poke-stop if a Pokemon is near there now.

Are you excited yet, because just looking at these pictures is renewing my hope for this game.  Between the nasty heat we have been getting where I live and the lack of good Pokémon spawning my usual haunts, I was losing interest in the game.  This has sparked my interest once more.

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