Rumor: Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex Potentially Leaked

Rumor: Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex Potentially Leaked

Rockers! We are just a little over three months away from the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.  Since its  unofficial reveal in February, Pokemon trainers have been spoiled with the access amount of Pokemon Sun and Moon information that has been revealed over the last few months. Earlier new information was potentially leaked regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon’s upcoming Pokedex entries.

While the controversy is still swirling around Pokemon Go after the waves of banned accounts, the removal of the detection radar, and even the removal of Pokemon from different trainers parties, new information around Nintendo’s next Pokemon game may take trainers minds off of the mismanagement of Pokemon Go by Niantic.

Earlier today, a post on 4chan was spotted in which one of its users claimed to be releasing the complete Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex list. The list has yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo so at the moment the list is not guaranteed. This is just one of the many supposed leaks that have come out in the last two days.

According to PokeJungle’s report, Pokemon Sun and Moon will  supposedly feature  Alolan Rattata & Raticate that will be a Dark-type, Alolan Butterfree that will be a Bug/Psychic type, Alolan Abra, Kadabra & Alakazam as a Fighting-type, Alolan Nidoking & Nidoqueen as Poison/Fighting-type, Alolan Growlithe & Arcanine as a Water-type, and Alolan Doduo & Dodrio as a Fighting/Flying type. Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to release on November 18, 2016 on 2DS and 3DS.

Below is Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Alolan Pokedex, listing the Pokemon’s Name, number, and type.

722 Rowlet (GRASS/FLYING)
723 Archoot (GRASS/FLYING)
724 Robinroot (GRASS/VARIOUS)
725 Litten (FIRE)
726 Pantherm (FIRE)
727 Beltigre (FIRE/VARIOUS)
728 Popplio (WATER)
729 Sirilio (WATER)
730 Sirene (WATER/VARIOUS)
731 Pikipek (NORMAL/FLYING)
732 Plukipek (NORMAL/FLYING)
733 Lumbird (GRASS/FLYING)
734 Yungoos (NORMAL)
735 Gumshoos (NORMAL)
736 Grubbin (BUG)
737 Charjabug (BUG/ELECTRIC)
738 Vikavolt (BUG/ELECTRIC)
739 Rockruff (ROCK)
741 Bounsweet (GRASS)
742 Bountisteen (GRASS/PSYCHIC)
743 Bounsour (POISON)
744 Oricorio (FR-EL-PS-GO/FLYING)
745 Pawssum (DARK)
746 Possumime (DARK)
747 Comfey (FAIRY)
748 Leirie (FAIRY)
749 Cutiefly (BUG/FAIRY)
750 Adorasite (BUG/FAIRY)
751 Quakitt (NORMAL/FLYING)
752 Bonéné (FAIRY/FLYING)
754 Komala (NORMAL)
755 Dormala (NORMAL/PSYCHIC)
756 Bruxby (WATER/PSYCHIC)
757 Bruxish (WATER/PSYCHIC)
759 Peskool (WATER/PSYCHIC)
760 Mudbray (GROUND)
761 Mudsdale (GROUND)
762 Minior (ROCK/FLYING)
763 Mightior (ROCK/FLYING)
764 Darline (NORMAL/VARIOUS)
765 Darwisker (NORMAL/VARIOUS)
766 Caterburr (BUG/ICE)
767 Parkoon (BUG/ICE)
768 Flycicle (BUG/ICE)
769 Hijakoon (BUG/DARK)
770 Snohom (ICE/GHOST)
771 Snorror (ICE/GHOST)
772 Delfin (WATER)
773 Porprise (WATER/VARIOUS)
774 Cumbersum (WATER)
775 Anenemie (WATER/POISON)
776 Mimikkyu (GHOST/FAIRY)
777 Togedemaru (ELECTRIC/STEEL)
778 Softle (GROUND)
779 Panquake (GROUND/DARK)
780 Shrimpod (BUG)
781 Wimpod (BUG/WATER)
782 Champod (BUG/WATER)
783 Goruggla (FIGHTING/GROUND)
784 Drakid (NORMAL/DRAGON)
785 Drampa (NORMAL/DRAGON)
786 Lumage (PSYCHIC)
787 Laspell (PSYCHIC)
788 Libraid (PSYCHIC)
789 Fiddlob (STEEL/WATER)
790 Caluca (STEEL/WATER)
791 Badpole (POISON)
792 Salandit (POISON/FIRE)
793 Swindlewt (POISON/FIRE)
794 Germik (GRASS)
795 Peppire (GRASS/FIRE)
796 Triburn (GRASS/FIRE)
797 Fomantis (GRASS)
798 Lurantis (GRASS)
799 Fungkie (POISON/FAIRY)
800 Hallucid (POISON/FAIRY)
801 Cubbadge (FIGHTING)
802 Meritote (FIGHTING)
803 Stalute (FIGHTING/STEEL)
804 Hydratom (NORMAL/WATER)
805 Posatom (FIRE/WATER)
806 Negatom (ELECTRIC/WATER)
807 Scruluse (STEEL)
808 Structor (STEEL)
809 Crypti (ICE/FIGHTING)
810 Dustrance (FAIRY/GROUND)
811 Guardrake (DRAGON)
812 Guaroyal (DRAGON)
813 Torgoyle (DRAGON/FIGHTING)
814 Forgoyle (DRAGON/STEEL)
815 Cosmot (DARK/ELECTRIC)
816 Spectrodon (DARK/ELECTRIC)
817 Quasaur (DARK/ELECTRIC)
818 Tapu Koko (ELECTRIC/FAIRY)
819 Tapu Pipi (FIRE/FAIRY)
820 Tapu Poloka (PSYCHIC/FAIRY)
821 Tapu Mano (GHOST/FAIRY)
822 Solgaleo (PSYCHIC/STEEL)
823 Lunala (PSYCHIC/GHOST)
824 Malshadow (DARK/FIRE)
825 Magearna (STEEL/FAIRY)

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