Prey Is NOT About a Native American in Space

Prey Is NOT About a Native American in Space

Did anyone even play Prey? The one that was released in 2006 was a fairly average first person shooter starring a Native American, similar to in how Turok played around with weapon archetypes, but didn’t really stand the test of time as a memorable shooter. At least, not the point that it became THE game to have like others of the time. Now, the story of the newest Prey which is being published by Bethesda and developed by Arkane looks more philosophical in its themes and grounded in a sort of Bioshock style of storytelling. While the new Prey is still a year or so away, the footage shown of the game at this year’s QuakeCon looks fantastic.

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Now, for the handful of fans looking for the 2006 Prey‘s story to carry over into the new one will be disappointed, as the only connection between the two is the name itself. A sequel was planned for the 2006 title, but after Bethesda acquired the rights the game was cancelled after many years of development. This new reboot oozes the Bethesda style, especially when comparing it to Dishonored.

There are a lot of good feelings coming out of this trailer though. It has that scared and afraid feeling of a space oriented horror game, but the sheer mystery of it is what makes it exciting. Who knows where Arkane will go with this story? Feels a bit like Half Life 2 in its tone, especially with the little critter aliens running about. Maybe even some PT story telling in there.

While QuakeCon is wrapping up, plenty of cool footage has been launched by Bethesda. To celebrate, dust off some of those old id shooters, get a LAN party going, and frag until you pass out. It’s really the only way to celebrate the legacy created by those brilliant guys who went away from the crowd to make things like Doom and Quake.

Good to see Bethesda carrying that torch like its made of gold.

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