RetroUSB’s new NES Console Available for Preorder

RetroUSB’s new NES Console Available for Preorder

A few months back I reported on the Mini NES, quite possibly one of the few times we’ll see Nintendo take a stab at the retro gaming crowd outside of the E-Shop. Of course, this comes after there have been many consoles capable of playing NES carts, which is strange due to the Mini NES’ lack of ability to do so. There are probably at least fifteen different clone consoles that do NES cartridges, like the Retron 5 or the Generation NEX just to name a couple. This is where Retro USB comes in with a new NES style console that takes cartridges and puts them in HD on modern televisions through HDMI. Yes, its available for preorder now.

This comes as a bit of jab to the Mini NES, which Retro USB likes to do from time to time, as there is no word on when the Mini NES will be up for preorder, if at all. For those unfamiliar with the AVS system, check out my last article on the matter or jump over to the RetroUSB website. The AVS could be the perfected version of the NES, with the ability to use original carts and homebrew plus almost every controller the thing had, even the Power Glove! Now that is BAD. So bad its good.

AVS schematic

Sweet, merciful Miyamoto. It’s beautiful.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on RetroUSB, as well as drooling over the system and considering selling kidneys. Retro gaming sure has come a long way, with new ways to play timeless classics in interesting ways. The NES library is still a relevant bunch of games of play, with new games even being created frequently by independent developers. I look forward to testing out the AVS one day to compare it to my many ways to play those games. Here’s hoping its everything I hope it will be. Until then, I’ll be fiddling with the 3D NES program and giving depth to things that never had it.


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