Square Enix Releases New World of Final Fantasy Screenshots

Square Enix Releases New World of Final Fantasy Screenshots

World of Final Fantasy, the upcoming title from Square Enix, and the next in the beloved Final Fantasy series, has some new screenshots for its eager fans.


While the game doesn’t launch until October 25, there’s plenty of eye candy showing off the new approach to character design, the goal of which to go for a toy-like appearance. Large heads, even bigger hair, and huge, expressive eyes sit atop minuscule bodies for a chibi look that should add some charm.


This RPG story follows a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, as they encounter characters new (the Quacho Queen) and old (Ultros) in a variety of lush environments on their way through the Sunken Temple, and the treacherous Dungeon and Icicle Valleys.

The Quacho Queen

The Quacho Queen


The day one version of World of Final Fantasy will be available for PS4 for $59.99 USD, while the Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order on Square Enix’s website for $119.99 USD, and includes a pop-up book, the game’s soundtrack, and a set of three mini-figurines featuring characters from World of Final Fantasy.

The Mega Mirage, Bahamut, taking charge.

A Mega Mirage, Bahamut, taking charge.


For more information about World of Final Fantasy, its release, and future updates from Square Enix, visit their website. Follow the team on Twitter for up-to-the-minute announcements. Keep your eyes trained right here on Marooners’ Rock for more news as it arrives.z

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