Update 1.5 Arrives on Heroes Quest: Magic and Dragons

Update 1.5 Arrives on Heroes Quest: Magic and Dragons

Developer Viper Game has announced today the release of Update 1.5 for its mobile MMORPG, Heroes Quest: Magic and Dragons. What does the game add you ask?¬†Well let’s keep on reading shall we?

New Update 1.5 Features
  • Guild Boss Challenge: Players are now able to challenge bosses in the Guild mode’s Demonic Prison. Defeating bosses unlocks challenge rewards.
  • Manageable Auto-Battle AI Settings: Players can now customize the order and condition of casting energy skills while using auto battle and defending. Up to six skill slots can be set up for a team with heroes casting the skill only when enough energy points have accrued.

Want to know a little stats and more on the game? Nearly 100,000 players have joined Heroes Quest since its initial launch in July 2016, with the game garnering many positive reviews and ratings on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Here are two of them below.

“When I was a child I used to play dungeon and dragons and this was the way I expected it once it went digital. It takes me back to those days! Thanks.”
– App Store user

“Loving the game. The combination of RPG and strategy is perfect and very fun. I also love how much customization and upgrades there are.”
– Google Play user

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