Win Early Access to Shop Heroes on Steam

Win Early Access to Shop Heroes on Steam

If you’re like me I’ve been playing a lot of Shop Heroes on my mobile phone and Facebook. Well starting this week you’ll be able to play the game on Steam and we’re here thanks to the company to grant some people access to the game. What do you need to do? Follow the steps below and when the giveaway ends on 8/14/2016 at 5pm EST you’ll be sent over a Steam code if you happen to be a winner.

While I normally write up quite a bit when it comes to giveaway events on the site if you want to learn about the game and more be sure to check out Erin’s write up that includes her time playing the game during PAX East and after here. Now how many copies do we have to give out? We happen to have 10 copies to give out! Now get going and enter our one of many giveaway coming to Marooners’ Rock. Simply follow the steps below and you’re entered to win. We’ll also drop 5 codes on our Twitter account after the giveaway has ended.

Shop Heroes Early Access Giveaway

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  • I like playing co-op/multiplayer games like KF2, Warhammer-vermintide… so I like the challenge of beating the game with my friends. Steam. Thanks!!

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    I like when they make you think and you get that “aha!” moment once you solve a challenge.

  • Jee R

    What I like the most about challenging games is that you discover just how much patience and drive you have. You set your mind on winning and your brain starts formulating, strategizing, and soon… all those equations add up and you triumph! I feel that way when I play my card games on PC or puzzle games on PS4. I love a good challenge.

  • -Tio-

    I like working towards something big and the joy that comes from finally getting there

  • venarius

    I like overcoming what previously felt impossible, Doom on higher difficulty or games like Rogue Legacy (New game+) are games that rely heavily on me actually getting more skilled rather than just stats going up. Steam.

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