Black Ops 3 Revelations Easter Egg Steps Solved, Finally! – Full Tutorial Included

Black Ops 3 Revelations Easter Egg Steps Solved, Finally! – Full Tutorial Included

Last month, Jason Blundell stated that he believed that the Call of Duty community would have a difficult time solving  the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Revelations easter egg and that it may take a few days to solve. Today a Streamer named BigHeck225 and his friend were the first two people to complete Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Revelations easter egg.

Two days ago, a Redditor by the tag of ZebraTurtleHD shared a list of how long it took the Call of Duty Zombies community to solve the easter egg for each map with Revelations being the longest. At the time of posting, the Revelations easter egg had yet to be solved but holds the record for taking nine days to be solved.


Below we will include the steps needed to be done in order to complete the Revelations easter egg.

Step 1. Shoot the Characters gravestones near the spawn area. 

In the cemetery by the spawning area you must shoot the gravestones in the order in which the players took out their alternate selves in the other easter eggs. The order goes 1. Edward Richtofen (The Giant),  2. Tank Dempsey (Der Eisendrache), 3. Takeo Masaki (Zetsubo no Shima), and 4. Nikolai Belinski (Groud Krovi). Once this step has been completed a small bolt of lighting and fire can be spotted briefly.

Step 2. Summon the Keeper Protector to Complete the Stone Ritual 

In order to summon the keeper protector, the player must collect three alter parts located throughout the map.

Altar Part #1:

Mob of the Dead: The part can spawn in the Cafeteria near the Mule-Kick machine.
Origins: Through the lower trenches door, look to the sandbags on the right as you move up the hill. Can also be found near through the upper door but before entering the mine shaft that leads to Mob of the Dead.

Altar Part #2:

Verruckt: In a wheelchair near the jump-pad connection to Mob of the Dead; it can also spawn on the upper level, at the top of the stairs overlooking the Corruption Altar.  The part also can found on a wheelchair, near a burning wall or can a be found on some metal shelves on the lower level very close to the door that leads in/out of the Corruption Altar area.

Altar Part #3:

Kino der Toten: Found on a round table near the jump-pad connection to Verruckt.

Der Eisendrache: Can spawn on the floating stone ruins near the central pyramid structure in the ruins area connected to the Corruption Altar. Can also be found down the steps in the circular room where the Mystery Box will sometimes spawn. As you enter, look right and check the barrels.

After collecting the three altar parts players can summon the keeper protector by paying 5000 points. Players must then lead the keeper protector to the jump pad that has the strange stone (a triangle stone) that is located at the back of the jump pad. During the keeper protectors ritual, all the zombies will target the keeper protector. The ritual takes three minutes to complete and the players must protect the keeper protector throughout the whole ritual.  After the ritual is complete an audio reel will spawn. Players must then take the audio reel to the second floor of Nacht der Untoten to play the reel.

After the ritual is complete an audio reel will spawn. Players must then take the audio reel to the second floor of Nacht der Untoten to play the reel.

Step 3. Throwing L’il Arnies into the Apothicon Holes 

After listening to the reel into Nacht der Untoten, players must throw L’il Arnies into the green gas spawning holes of the Apothicon. Players must throw one L’il Arnies into three green gas holes. Doing so correctly will cause 3 Margwa bosses to spawn. Failen to throw the L’il Arnie incorrectly will cause Samanta to laugh. Players must then kill the three Margwas. Players must do this two more times to complete the third step.  This means killing nine Margwas in total, so be prepared before you start this step.

After killing the final trio of Margwas an audio reel will spawn by one of the yellow tendrils next to the bridge inside the Apothicon. Players must then take the audio reel to Kino der Toten and listen to it. The reel can be played across from Kino’s former teleporter.

Step 4. Upgrade the Apothicon Servant & Collect the Skeleton Parts

In order to upgrade the Apothicon Servant, players must first override all four Corruption Engines. Next the player with Apothicon Servant must shoot the five glowing Element 115 cubes floating in the sky with the Apothicon Servant. The five locations can be found at:

Spawn: Floating above the spawn island, toward the Corruption Engine location.

Shangri-La: Above the steps into the pyramid-like temple, slightly left when facing the steps.

Verruckt: Located above the jump-pad that leads to the Mob of the Dead cafeteria.

Mob of the Dead: Found above the Corruption Engine area, toward the glowing “sun” in the background.

Verruckt: Above and right of the portal to Nacht Der Untoten.

After shooting a cube, the HUD will change slightly and the target will disappear. After collecting all five pieces the player can then take the Apothicon Servant to the Pack-a-Punch machine in order to upgrade the Apothicon Servant into the Estoom-Oth.

Now with the Estoom-Oth players must collect the five skeleton parts. Players must shoot the bones first with a pack punched weapon that is not the Estoom-Oth. Once the bone is shot free, it will float.

Step 4 Part 2. collecting the skeleton parts are located at:

Spawn: Look right of the Corruption Engine area and scan the church for a small opening that reveals the glowing stone slab target. Shoot it with a Pack a Punched gun, then absorb the skeleton part with the Estoom-Oth.

Shangri-La: Find the stone slab above the centrally-located Stamina-Up machine.

Origins: As you enter origins, open the doors to the trenches near the generator and look right into the inaccessible fields. There’s a fire there and to the right of the fire, there’s a stone slab to shoot.

Verruckt: Go to the Corruption Engine area and look toward the portal to Nacht. Turn left to face the waterfall — the rectangular stone is very close to the water, just barely peeking out over the falls / grassy patch.

Der Eisendrache: The skeleton piece can be found on the curved wall during the third wall run at the bottom corner of the wall.

Nacht der Untoten:  on the second-floor face towards the Der Eisendrache portal and look at the ruined concrete ceiling. The final piece of the skeleton is on the corner of the top slab

After collecting all the skeleton parts, the skeleton pieces will gather on the second floor of Nacht der Untoten. After shooting the skeleton parts with the Estoom-Oth, a female body will spawn where the bones just where. Shot the female body with the Estoom- Oth and an audio reel will spawn. Players must then take the audio reel to the excavation table in the Origins excavation site. After the audio reel is complete S.O.P.H.I.A can be seen in the Nacht der Untoten roof.

Step 5. Free Sophia

Once Sophia has arrived in Nacht der Untoten through inter-dimensional teleportation players must free her by shooting the four Corruption Engines towards Nacht. This can be achieved by shooting the blue rocks and having the laser shoot towards Nacht. You can tell that the laser has been reflected correctly because the laser will still be firing  after getting off of the Corruption Engines. Once all four corruption engines have been aimed correctly S.O.P.H.I.A will be able to be freed and will start heading towards Kino der Toten landing on and powering up the teleporter.

Step 6. Getting the Book, the Egg, & the Worm

Players can take the teleporter to Samantha’s room where players must pick up the Kronorium off of the bed. Players must then place the book on the stand in Kino where the turret used to be. Doing so will release the Apocithon Eggs. Next the player will need to take the egg into the Apocithon  and place the egg in one of the pods near the stomach acid. Kill zombies near the egg until enough souls are collected to get the gate worm. Next the player must take the worm around the map until they find their  corresponding symbol. A beeping noise will be heard as the player gets close to the area. There are four eggs for the players to collect and take to the Apothicon. One egg will spawn in Kino near the former electric trap, One in Origins by the apothicon protector, one is in the spawn area by the jumper to Shangrai La, and the final egg is in Verruct.

Step 7. The Final Ritual

Once the player has the gate worth from the apothicon, they will need to find the corresponding rune. The four rune locations are 1.  by quick revive in spawn, 2. origin states in Der Eisendrache, 3. mob of the dead, and 4. by the jumper in Verrukt connecting  to Kino der Toten. Once all 4 runes have been gathered players can go to the film room in Kino to teleport to the boss fight area.

Get the Summoning Key. 

In order to get the summoning key, players must open the Kronorium. After opening the Kronorium, players are shown a series of four symbols. Players must match  those four symbols in the correct order to free the summoning key. After all four symbols are chosen correctly the player must survive four different types of elements that will fill the room : Lava, Void, Electric,Shadows.  The elemental effect will end once the player kills all the margwas in the room. During the shadow effect players need to stay in the spotlight to stay alive, luckily anti-gravity is on to help you out. After all four rounds are done the player can grab the summoning key.

Throw the Key to Collect the Toys

Once the player has the summoning key, they must throw it at different locations on the different maps. On Mob of the Dead the player must throw the key into the open cell directly across from Corruption Engine (the Poster). Players must then throw the summoning key again and hit the red barrel outside of Nacht by the exploded vehicle. Hit the focusing stone in Shangrai La. Fountain outside of Verrukt, the gravestone outside of Origins, The chandelier in Kino der Toten, and the clock in Der Eisendrache.

The Final Battle Against the Shadowman

Once all of the toys are gathered from throwing the summoning key, players can teleport to the final boss area through the teleporter at Kino der Toten. Once you get to the final boss fight, players must charge the key by placing the key onto the podiums and killing zombies around it to charge it with souls. Once it is charged, throw it to S.O.P.H.I.A  so she can shoot a charged laser at the Shadowman making him vulnerable. The alters will turn red once they have been used to charge the summoning key. After damaging the shadowman enough, he will move into the Apothicon. The player must then use the Kronorium to trap the shadowman.

At the moment the game will end after the ending cutscene. Should they make it so you can play after you defeat the shadowman? After completing the easter egg, players will start with the RK-5 as their starting pistol. The Revelations Easter egg steps seem rather complicated and it took the community a while to figure out the steps to complete the easter egg.

You can check out MrJD Daleks video of he and his friend chucky completeing the Easter Egg and potentially being the 2nd group to complete it.

End of Easter Egg SPOILERS:

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