Stack Up Air Assault Program to Feature Veterans at PAX West

Stack Up Air Assault Program to Feature Veterans at PAX West

Bungie recently held a Call to Arms weekend in conjunction with Stack Up to help find the military’s biggest Destiny fans. Their goal with this search was to find “deserving active duty or retired veterans with an honorable discharge” (they admit on their site that “deserving” is a subjective term), a group which they call the Air Assaults.


Stack Up is an organization that, similar to Operation Supply Drop, hopes to help alleviate the stress incurred by those who serve in the country’s military by providing them with video game entertainment. In the case of the Air Assaults, Stack Up wants to bring them an experience they may otherwise be unable to experience for various reasons: attendance at some of the biggest geek culture events in the country.

This group of lucky veterans will be visiting PAX West 2016, where they will be able to mingle and enjoy all that the convention has to offer, all-expenses paid. In addition, Bungie is providing a studio tour so that these Destiny fans can get an inside look at the origin of their beloved video game.

To speak to one of the Air Assaults or the Stack Up staff, just look for the Red Shirt Raiders wandering around at PAX West.

Stack Up takes lightly used PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, games, and gear as well as cash donations. To find out how you can help, and to donate, visit their website.

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