The Collectors Edition for Sonic Mania Announced and it Looks Awesome!

The Collectors Edition for Sonic Mania Announced and it Looks Awesome!

At this current time of writing I’m trying not to jump for joy over this picture that you see below. Has the collectors edition just been leaked for SEGA’s new title Sonic Mania? If so then it’s totally has my vote on the most awesome collectors edition created so far from SEGA. Well seems after already publishing this article the Sonic account on Twitter has announced the collectors edition! I happen to have the Sonic Generations CE from a few years ago and while it’s nice to have a golden ring having a statue like the one below is much better.



The picture of the collector’s edition features a 12″ statue of the iconic hedgehog posed on top of a Mega Drive, a downloadable copy of the game, and a Golden Ring that fits snugly inside a cartridge based on the Mega Drive games. That’s not all! it seems the satue will play the SEGA sound if you hit a button on it. It seems this Collectors Edition WILL be coming out for all systems too!


Below is the picture that I just took from Amazon, while other sites reported that the page has been pulled it has yet to do so for me. That’s just the PC page. While typing this I’ve found the Xbox One page and PS4 page as well. Please see below for the links to each format. The Collectors Edition will by $69.99 and will totally be worth it!

Xbox One:




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