Daedalic’s “Silence” Receives Release Date

Daedalic’s “Silence” Receives Release Date

Daedalic Entertainment‘s new adventure indie game, Silence, has finally received a release date, so that players will be able to join in the adventures of Noah, his sister Renie, and all of the characters encountered along the way.

Celebrating the final release date

An ongoing war has been raging for an interminable period of time. Siblings Noah and Renie take shelter as an air raid begins to destroy their town. In that uncertain place between being alive and possibly dying, the siblings become temporary residents of Silence as they await their fate. Renie gets lost, and 16-year-old Noah must make his way through this unknown land to find her so that they can return to face whatever lies ahead in the real world.

Silence used to be a serene place, thus its name, but during the war, evil creatures began to move in, threatening the tranquility of the existential world. Noah and Renie must help a small group of rebels to fight these threats and save Silence, so the safety of the transitional territory can be restored.

Silence_Sleeping Renie

Daedalic Entertainment will be on hand at PAX West with a demo of Silence, which releases November 16 of this year. Head to Floor 6 and check out booth #6508 to play the latest chapters, available exclusively at this convention. Enjoy three playable characters and 12 hours of gameplay in the final version. Watch the trailer below to see how the 3D-animated world of Silence has been brought to life.

Silence will be available November 16 for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4. View the trailer and more screenshots on Steam.

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