Exclusive Muchlax For Pokemon Sun and Moon, Plus More Revealed!

Exclusive Muchlax For Pokemon Sun and Moon, Plus More Revealed!

Another week, another Pokemon Sun and Moon reveal. I am almost certain I have used that joke before, but it still holds true. For this week week, we get one more Alolan Variant that Youngster Joey would approve of, and we finally see what happens when a big immovable object finally opens his eyes. (No I am not talking about Brock when he is in his older years.)

First being revealed was the new Alolan form for Rattata. Living in the slums of the Alolan urban areas, Rattata is now a Dark/Normal Pokemon, with the abilities Hustle or Gluttony. Hustle will decrease accuracy by 20%, but over charge your attack by 50%, while Gluttony will make the Pokemon eat a healing berry sooner in the battle. They are headed by their boss, the Alolan Raticate which has not been revealed yet!


Interesting thing to note, this form of Rattata has adapted to stand on its hind legs. Possibly to face off with other standing rodents in Alola.

If you purchase the game between November 18th 2016 and January 11, 2017, you will receive a unique Munchlax that will evolve into a pulverizing Snorlax. Yes, it is as frightening as it sounds. This Snowlax will hold a Snorlium Z, allowing it to use a special move just for it- Pulverizing Pancake. Mmm Pancakes. The animation is so wonderful that I cannot properly do it justice by describing it. I laughed both times I watched it because of how amazing it was. Check it out in the trailer below. The Munchlax will also know two useful moves that it hasn’t been able to learn before. These are Hold Back, which is similar to False Swipes, where it will leave the opponent with 1 HP, not killing it. The other move is Happy Hour, which will allow you to get twice as much prize money after a trainer battle. Money farming? Yes please.

2016-09-01 (3)

Exclusive Munchlax making it rain.

Finally, it is an interesting note to make that the Snorlax isn’t the only one to have a special Z-move all to itself. In the trailer, Alolan Raichu is shown to have a move to itself. The move is Stoked Sparksurfer, and not only does it look cool, it is pretty decimating,showing Raichu obliterate an Aerodactyl. Now if only Dunsparce could get his own, I would be happy. Maybe at some point… Check back soon for more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon as it is released.

Cute and dangerous, just how I like them.

Cute and dangerous, just how I like them.

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