Surrender your Soul in Final Fantasy XIV 3.4 Patch

Surrender your Soul in Final Fantasy XIV 3.4 Patch

Today also marks the release of the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Patch 3.4, “Soul Surrender,” which adds many new features and updates. The list alone is quire huge, but we’ve provided just a fraction of what is new in the new 3.4 patch. So for you fellow fans of XIV, be sure to share the news around and get cracking on this new and amazing content within the game.

Some of these updates included are as follows:

●      Main Scenario Quests: Soul Surrender marks the reunion of Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur and delves further into the story surrounding the Warriors of Darkness.

●      New Raid Dungeon: The final chapter of the Alexander raid dungeon series challenges adventurers to conquer tough new foes and is available in two difficulty levels: “Alexander: The Creator” and “Alexander: The Creator (Savage).”

●      Containment Bay P1T6: Players will face off against Sophia, the Goddess as the second battle in The Warring Triad series. The ancient Meracydian diety can be challenged in both normal and extreme difficulties.

●      Two New High-Level Dungeons: Heroes can journey into the mountains of Xelphatol, battling against the Ixal to prevent the summoning of Garuda, or take on new challenges to obtain long-forgotten knowledge in The Great Gubal Library (Hard).

●      Grand Company Updates: Patch 3.4 introduces adventurer squadrons, a simulation-style feature in which players assemble their own squad of NPC volunteers and send them on special missions. Furthermore, a new Grand Company player rank will be available, in addition to new gear which can be purchased with company seals.

●      PvP Updates: Eorzeans may now engage in one-on-on matches using Duel Mode in the Wolves’ Den Pier PvP area. PvP fans can also hone their skills in 4v4 battles with the new Custom Match feature. Those who wish to watch from the sidelines may use Spectator Mode to view custom matches, with preset camera angles to allow for an up-close view of the action.

●      Expanded Cross Hotbar Options for Players Using Controllers: Player utilizing the cross hotbar will now have even more freedom and customization options when setting up their actions with the new W Cross Hotbar.

●      New Gear, Exploratory Missions, and more.

FINAL FANTASY XIV continues to deliver on the promise of bringing the best of the FINAL FANTASY experience to the online realm. The MMO recently celebrated its third anniversary, continuing to usher in new adventurers to the ever-growing game world.

You can visit the official Patch 3.4 website to see all the updates not listed above, but for the time being enjoy the new trailer for the 3.4 update below.

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