Final Fantasy XV – New Story Trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2016

Final Fantasy XV – New Story Trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2016

Unfortunately, we got the news that one of the most anticipated games of the past decade was delayed from September to November. For most fans of the Final Fantasy series, waiting isn’t a bad thing as the games tend to live on as a part of an extended universe to be played over and over again. In short, no matter how much time it takes, we just want Final Fantasy XV to be an amazing game. Luckily, as the game’s new release date approaches, a new trailer was shared at the Tokyo Game Show. Needless to say, it’s a good one.

I have literal chills.

Final Fantasy XV‘s setting is a mixture of reality and high fantasy, which explains the monsters and slick cars. Expect to see the epic story unfold through various character interactions and cutscenes, as well as banter and dialogue while playing. If the trailer is any indication, these characters are not just pretty faces; they¬†look to be fairly fleshed out. I have a feeling I’m going to really love Luna by the end of the journey.

Even though this is the fifteenth entry in the long standing franchise, Final Fantasy titles usually exist as their own tale. Usually, only tropes, creatures, or greater entities carry over. Meaning, new players don’t have to worry about thirty odd years of games to know about the story.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on November 29th, 2016. This is after it was announced in 2006 as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, when Square Enix was still developing it as a PS3 ¬†game. It’s been a long ride, but we are almost there.

Let’s look at the original trailer just for context on how far the game has come.

Personally, this has been the number one game on my wanted list ever since I saw this faithful trailer as a teenager. I remember sitting on the couch, curled up in a comforter, and drinking Dr. Pepper with my Step-Brother. Back then Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb taught me all the ins and outs of the gaming industry. Good to see they still get together to do E3 on occasion. You can bet I already have Final Fantasy XV pre-ordered and will be there at the midnight release.

Please let it be amazing. . .

To get a sneak peak into the game’s world and story, check out Kingsglaive, which is available on many digital platforms such as iTunes or Youtube.

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