Group Messaging Available for Xbox Preview Members Today

Group Messaging Available for Xbox Preview Members Today

Do you like send a lot of messages to your friends in order to communicate? Do you wish that you didn’t have to select each person that you wanted to send the message to and then get individual responses from everyone?  Do you wish that there was an App that made this process easier? Well then you are in LUCK because Major Nelson has just announced that Group Messaging is available today to preview members.

Larry Herb, aka Major Nelson, announced via Twitter that group messaging is available today for preview members on Xbox One and the Xbox app (beta) on Windows 10 PC. Although this is not out to the general public it is still very exciting new because it will make communicating on Xbox Live a lot easier. Group messaging will allow players to talk to their clubs, friends, and the LFG community easier while allowing real-time responses.

In his Twitter picture, Major Nelson proclaimed Group Messaging is going to the preview audience. A user by the name bear responded with can’t wait. From his tweet Major Nelson made it clear that it is currently only going to be available to Xbox Live preview members to use on the Xbox One and the Xbox App on PC with iOS and Android coming soon.

In the background, you can see that Major Nelson has made a sizable dent into the Forza Horizon 3 campaign and group messaging would be a great way for him to brag how far he is into the game or ask others how far in they are. How would you use group messaging to make your life easier, or would you use it for nefarious purposes? Hopefully within the coming months we can use group messaging to solve puzzles and communicate we each other to make holiday plans.

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