Mafia III Post-Release Content Announced

Mafia III Post-Release Content Announced

Everyone loves a good mob story. 2K has announced their post-release content for the much-anticipated third-person action adventure Mafia III.

Mafia III follows Vietnam veteran Lincoln Clay as he carves a bloody trail of vengeance against the city’s Italian mafia in a re-imagined 1968 New Orleans. It’s definitely a change of pace from the usual well-trod settings of Los Angeles and New York – and it will no doubt be a breath of fresh air for the genre.

The game’s developer also promises plenty of free perks for anyone who purchases the games: free weapon skins thirty days after release, as well as additional skins for Lincoln, and the ability to further customize your ride. Once your car is sufficiently pimped out, 2K also promises free additional races for you to see just how far you can push your beast of a car.


Mafia III also has plans for at least three pieces of paid, story DLC- each with a different theme. Car chases, voodoo priestesses, and a feud stretching back to the blood-soaked jungles of Vietnam are all on the docket, each promising a different experience.

Mafia III will be available October 7, 2016 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC for $79.99 USD (Digital Deluxe Edition). You can pre-purchase the game for PC on Steam. For more information, follow the game on Twitter and Facebook, or check out the website for more assets.

Touched by Insanity Bread, Chris Matyskiel is a curmudgeonly veteran gamer from the Great White North. He fondly recalls when D&D was challenging (Second Edition), when “multiplayer” wasn’t a requirement for a game of the year (1999), and when Carthage was still a superpower (202 BCE).

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