New Games Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility 9/29/2016

New Games Added to Xbox One Backward Compatibility 9/29/2016

Today, Larry Hyrb announced a few new titles to the backwards compatibility program, as per usual. This week is one of the better ones. It includes a major JRPG, a movie title that doesn’t completely suck and a blast from the past re-visioned for the Xbox Arcade. Let’s take a look at the three in depth.


Lost Odyssey – Lost Odyssey is set in a world in which a “Magic-Industrial Revolution” is taking place. While magic energy existed in all living creatures beforehand, it suddenly became far more powerful thirty years before the beginning of the game. Because of this, it has affected society greatly, with devices called “Magic Engines” harnessing this power for lighting, automobiles, communications, and robots, among other uses.


Toy Story 3 – Buzz, Woody, and Jessie are back in their biggest adventure yet. When Andy leaves for college, the toys find themselves in a world they’ve never known… A day care! Along with Rex, Hamm, and the others, our heroes battle their way through an unfamiliar world filled with giant obstacles and a nefarious pink bear who smells like strawberries.


Guwange – At the far reaches of the Eastern kingdom, in the age of Muromachi… this is the tale of those who wielded the power of the Shikigami. In ages past, when men worshipped nature, believed in spirits and feared the darkness of night, they would also become envoys of a mysterious power. A unique shooting game set in the late Muromachi age of Japan, Guwange includes 3 fully-featured game modes.

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