New Trailer Released For Titanfall 2 Pilots

Prepare for Pilotfall

New Trailer Released For Titanfall 2 Pilots

I remember the first time I stepped into the world of Titanfall back in 2014. Yeah, of course the sight of calling your first Titan down onto the map was incredible, but something else was how unique the pilot controls were. Running through the stage with ease, bouncing between buildings and dodging bullets between trees. Everything was new and fast. It was a change in first person shooters in my opinion. The Pilots changed the genre. Time to take a look behind the helmet in Titanfall 2.

Today, a new trailer has been released showing off the prowess of the other half of the pair of powerhouses, the pilot. In the trailer, it would appear Respawn is pulling no stops in fluidity. Somehow it appears they made the parquor mechanics and travelling in the game even more fluid than the first. Not only does the gameplay appear to be ever smoother than before, but there are multiple abilities being shown off.

Pilots are shown in the trailer dropping turrets, hiding behind shields, deploying holograms of themselves, chain grappling, invisibility, and the ever so satisfying being grabbed in the air by your titan to start a reign of chaos. It appears that even more skill will be needed in Titanfall 2, not just in controlling your robot friend, but in controlling yourself. The title comes out October 28th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC.

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