Pokemon Generations – A Pokemon Mini-Series

Pokemon Generations – A Pokemon Mini-Series

Alright, so tons of cool Pokemon news has popped up this past week or so. One of the more interesting pieces (that’s not a Sun & Moon spoiler at least) is the announcement of a short form mini-series that recounts highlights of adventures from each of the handheld games, known simply as Pokemon Generations. Being that the “lore” of these games are kinda sparse, the show will mainly hit some of the high points in the games plot, like the battle with the Champion in Red & Blue or taking on the Red Gyrados in the Lake of Rage in Gold & Silver.

Airing from September 16th at 9am PST through December 23 on Pokemon’s Youtube channel, if the trailer is any indication, there could be some awesome animation to be had. Also as an important note, the series will be airing in English without the need to wait for the dubbing process. The character that seems to be the star of these shorter adventures is none other than Red, the hero from Pokemon Origins. Could this be a continuation of sorts of that particular version of Red? I hope so, Origins was one of the best Pokemon animations out there. Screaming Charmander and all.

Here of late, the animation quality has increased exponentially in the Pokemon anime. The recent battles at the end of the newest season had some amazing moments, even if I think Ash Greninja is pretty damn lame. I do love how the main character of the Pokemon Mega-Evolution Special, Alain, ends up being Ash’s final opponent. It was truly an epic moment, that I wish had a different outcome, but it was a fun journey while it lasted.

These latest action packed seasons of the Pokemon anime could be a hint of what’s to come, as the audience for Pokemon has definitely gotten older. We usually expect just a bit more out of our anime. It’s amazing to see such care put into the anime though, I grew up watching the first iterations and loved seeing Ash’s journey. Even if he doesn’t develop as a character very often. . .

Here’s hoping Pokemon Generations turns out be awesome!

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