Could Borderlands 3 Be Announced at PAX West?

Borderlands 3

Earlier this year during Pax East, Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford teased that there would “obviously be another Borderlands title but he was not certain if it would be called Borderlands 3.

On August 30th, Randy Pitchford went to twitter with this to say a simple tweet regarding PAX West 2016. This tweet is featured below for your viewing pleasure.

Last week, a countdown went up on the Duke Nukem website counting down to a major announcement. This countdown coincides roughly with the start of PAX West, if not a little bit later. It has been twenty years since Duke Nukem first released so it is a possibility that either a new Duke Nukem title will be announced or that Duke Nukem 3D will be mastered.  Hopefully, a new Duke Nukem title will be announced to make fans of the series forget about Duke Nukem forever.

Although Randy Pitchford’s tweet does not confirm that a new Borderlands title may be in the works, it does make gamers around the world speculate that one is in the works due to his  previous comments at PAX East and his lack of an “S” on Borderlands. The tweet only contains 139 characters out of the possible 140, so it is possible that he is teasing Borderlands 3 or another Borderlands title.

Earlier this year, Pitchford said to look closely at  Battleborn’s downloadable content to see what was coming next for the Borderlands franchise.  After the sad sales results of Battleborn, it would come as no surprise that Gearbox is carefully planning what they do with their different franchises. It would come as no surprise that a new Borderlands title would be announced since Borderlands the Pre-Sequel was released on October 14th, 2014,  and Borderlands titles usually come out every two to three years.

Could the next Borderlands title be coming out next year? Would you be excited for a new Borderlands title to be announced at PAX West 2016? I would be excited to see what Gearbox has planned next for the Borderlands franchise and for Borderlands 3  whenever it may come out. We should expect some kind of news regarding the future of  Borderlands franchise sometime before 2018. We will keep you up-to-date on all the latest Borderlands news.

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