Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Has A Hilarious Exploit

Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Has A Hilarious Exploit

Here at Marooners’ Rock, we’ve been spending some quality time with Destiny again. Face it, put Game of Thrones themes into a science fiction shooter and you have my attention, even if I never was a fan of Destiny as a whole, but we’ll save that for the full review. In other news, the latest raid has turned out to be one of the best, filled with crazy encounters and epic boss encounters that requires full team communication. Yet, as usual with these sort of games, Destiny players have discovered a hilarious exploit in Rise of Iron.

Specifically, this exploit is in regards to “Wrath of the Machine”, a segment with tons of enemies on a giant air carrier. While some Destiny exploits include doing ritualistic jumps and such, this one just involves running headfirst into a wall. Watch as the finder of this glitch, The Lone Wolf, does just that in the video below.

Huh. Out of all the things I was anticipating when seeing this headline shared around, I never would’ve guessed it was that easy. So to recap, if you’re having trouble with this section, buckle down on the sprint button and just go go go. Of course, doing this exploit does mean missing out on loot drops, but there is at least one exotic chest players can still access. Also important to note, “Wrath of the Machine” is a fun romp with friends and a fairly well-designed raid. Except for that one hole in the wall of course.

For now, we’ll continue attempting the raids and going after all the cool new gear in Rise of Iron. Prepare for our full thoughts on the expansion later this week.

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Story originally reported on by Kotaku. Reddit also sourced.

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