Five Nights At Freddie’s: Sister Location Causes Quite A Stir

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Five Nights At Freddie’s: Sister Location Causes Quite A Stir

If you walk up to a random person and ask them about a certain Freddie, nine times out of ten they will know exactly what you are talking about. Five Nights at Freddy’s has taken the horror scene by storm since first released in 2014. Designer, developer, publisher, and wonderful person Scott Cawthon has been known to put just the right amount of work into his games. For example, last year Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 was released a whole two weeks early because he was happy with where it was. Now imagine the shock fans had when he announced a few days ago, literally days before the Friday release, that Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location will be delayed.

The announcement comes from the Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location Steam page. “somehow I feel like I let myself get too dark with this one. Things went sideways, and I look at this game now and am unsure how it will affect people,” Scott says in his post on October 4th. The game will be delayed for two months, while he makes it more kid friendly; a game that “everyone can enjoy.” News articles went insane. Questioning his logic on the friendlier version. Doubting his logic. To be honest, Scott caught a lot of shit from practically everyone, except the few fans that said “take your time.”

While he is working on the new version of the game, he announced the current build would be released in smaller chapters. It would not be canon. Just a game to appease fans who have been waiting for it, but not what he wants. The first chapter was released soon after on Gamejolt. I quickly downloaded to see what was going on. Something felt off. Scott, you beautiful bastard. I was greeted with something so horrifyingly…..



It was a simple survive the wilderness title, where a boy with a Freddie mask was just surviving by a campfire. You get money each night to buy defenses. No jumpscares and no animatronics. Just, adorableness. I smiled and thought “Scott you did it again.” but before I could continue, I sat there and played until I died (like 15 minutes) just to make sure. It was just that game. No teases or anything. I checked back to the steam page and people were concerned about the confusion, but most had picked on. Scott once again did a beautiful fake PR debacle to generate hype for the new game. Almost every news site put something up on it. Free press. The game is still scheduled for Friday. No delay, no alterations. Great job Scott. Check back on October 7th to try the game (real game) for yourself. Long live Freddie!

Keep doing you, Scott

Keep doing you, Scott

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