Did Hello Games Just Tell Fans No Man’s Sky Was A “Mistake?”

Did Hello Games Just Tell Fans No Man’s Sky Was A “Mistake?”

No Man’s Sky is the game that keeps on giving, even if you aren’t playing it (maybe more so if you’re not playing it). After years of hype and promises, the game launched to tepid reviews on both Playstation 4, and on PC. The backlash from gamers however was the big news. More than a few promises about gameplay and content were broken, and, most telling, Hello Games went into hiding quickly after launch and has STILL not broken it’s silence about the stories swirling around the game. Until now. Maybe.


This Tweet went out Friday, Oct. 28th, and only briefly. The Tweet was quickly removed, but speculation has been running rampant since. Was it the work of an angry fan who hacked the account? An angry employee? Sean Murray in a moment of clarity?

Since the Tweet went out, Hello Games has put their Twitter account into “protected” status. What is most surprising, and lends credence to the theory it was an employee, is Hello Games once again refusing to address the audience once again. Silence can speak volumes, and once again Hello Games is letting fans twist in the wind. Hopefully we get clarification soon.

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. The story has gotten every stranger.

According to Erik Kain over at Forbes, Sean Murray has broken his silence about the Tweet, and no, it was NOT a hack.

Murray responded to both Kirk at Forbes, and to Mashable taking credit for the Tweet. In his email, he stated, “The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well.”

Whether Murray went rouge, or if the Tweet reflects the entire team’s sentiments is unknown, but after months of silence, we at least have some indication of how Hello Games is doing in the post- No Man’s Sky world, and it’s not a pretty picture.

Well, things are certainly happening fast. The Hello Games Twitter account addressed the Tweet around the same time as the emails from Murray went out claiming they were hacked.


Now, does this mean Murray’s email was ALSO hacked, and the emails that went to outlets were faked, or did the team not communicate how they would address the controversial Tweet? Personally, I’m guessing the latter. Either way, the studio is apparently in more trouble than anyone thought.

UPDATE 3: Whelp, that was quick. Turns out, Hello Games had their accounts hacked.

Hello Games responded earlier in a couple of tweets, indicating that it was indeed a security issue.

The second Tweet ended up being the truth. The original Tweet was sent through Murray’s LinkedIn. And now we have official confirmation from Hello Games.


We are happy that everything seems to be under control. The situation is far less dramatic now than it was when there was speculation the Tweet and subsequent emails might have been legitimate, but this is still another story that does not help Hello Games from a PR stand point. Perhaps now they will feel motivated to break their silence on everything else.

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