Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch


Nintendo NX Revealed as Nintendo Switch

There you have it folks! The NX is really, truly happening and it is now called the Nintendo Switch, for good reason! The trailer just released at 10:00 AM EST, (located below) so let’s cover a few of the big points from the trailer. Feel free to check out the trailer before we dive in.

  • Coming March 2017
    • Yes. Like five months away March 2017. That’s pretty great.
  • Nintendo Switch: handheld comes from out of the console
    • So yes, most early leaked information was true. The Switch will have a console portion of the system, that plays on your TV. However, if you are to go on the road, it simply undocks from the cradle and the controller attaches to the sides, making a standalone handheld.nx_hardware
  • Cartridge based gaming confirmed
    • While I am curious to see more of this and how it will work, we were simply shown a cartridge being inserted into the handheld.2016-10-20-9
  • Has a stand
    • While this may not seem that exciting, it is a unique feature. This makes the “handheld” not a handheld, but not a console. I’ll elaborate more below.
    • Controller detaches from hand held for steady gameplay on the road.
    • That’s right, combined with the stand, your handheld can convert from a console, to a handheld, to a standalone unit that can be played without a TV. This also allows the handheld to be able to do “split screen.” Man, the future is crazy.2016-10-20-4
    • While on topic of controllers, the “console” form does have an actual controller, that looks similar to a certain Microsoft’s layout. I definitely cannot complain about this.2016-10-20-3
  • Wireless multiplayer
    • Shown shortly, there is a moment where two switches are shown sitting next to each other, where the group of friends are playing the same game against each other. So wireless multiplayer on HD titles. I never knew I wanted something so much.2016-10-20-5
  • Games
    • Not many were shown during the trailer, but we do get a sneak peak at the system running what appears to be Skyrim Remastered, a new Mario game, a new Mario Kart, an NBA game and Spatoon! 2016-10-202016-10-20-72016-10-20-6

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