Nintendo Readies Presentation For Nintendo Switch On January 12th


The President of Nintendo Co., Ltd., Tatsumi Kimishima, announced today that “major details” about their new console/portable hybrid Nintendo Switch will be given during what will be plainly named the “Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017” on January 12th, 2017. The event will be globally live-streamed (US Time), and will invite media, financial analysts, and trade partners in Tokyo to view the presentation personally.

This presentation will give several puzzle pieces to fill in information that we don‘t know yet, such as the launch date, pricing, and a look at the line-up of launch games and current games in development. He went on to talk about “Nintendo Switch sampling events” that will be for invited media, partners, and even consumers that will allow the fans to have more hands-on time for the games. These details of these events were not specified but should be announced soon after the Presentation, according to the press release.

Exact time of the Presentation was not specified, but was mentioned that it will be announced through nintendo’s social media channels. Further information was not provided, but this news actually lines up with their recent statement that no more new announcements for the Nintendo Switch will happen during 2016.

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